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It is normal practice for accountant to backup client’s database and restore it at their pc for verifying and report generating. However when new data is being input into client db, the accountant copy of data will be out of sync.

Some client does not invest in accounting software and fully rely on accountant to prepare their management account. It is tedious and costly for accountant to collect physical copy of documents such as receipts, payment voucher, etc periodically and input it into system to prepare the management account.


Accountant setup AutoCount Server to host Account Book for their clients. All data will be physically in Accountant premises. Staffs of Accountant will be using Application which they familiar with — AutoCount to access to client’s database. With AutoCount On The Go (AOTG) setup in the AutoCount Server, clients who subscribe to AOTG service will be able to access to their company information via AOTG website using their existing devices, such as notebook, tablet or smart phone.


Win-Win-Win solution

With the latest information on hand, at Accountant premises, they will be able to provide more value added service such as tax planning consultancy, monitoring of company cash flow health, etc.

Client can enjoy perform operation such as create Sales Order, Invoice, Receipt anytime anywhere with a device that has access to the Internet. They will have latest company accounting information on hand to ease decision making.