• AutoCount Accounting is developed on Microsoft .Net Framework that the assemblies of AutoCount Accounting can be added as reference into the project of which the project is built on the same framework as AutoCount Accounting.
  • When two systems to be integrated are on different platforms, external data media or an interface is developed to execute data transfer and conversion between two systems. Whether the data transfer is executed on local network or internet, data format is crucial to how data is carried from one system to another system.
  • here are various type of data format, such as csv, excel, xml and Json.
  • Deciding which is the best solution for integration of two or more systems can be challenging.
  • Various factors to take into consideration before choosing the best solution that suits for now and years to come.
  • The decision can be factored into:-
    1. Programming language that is used
    2. The size of data
    3. Data transfer frequency
    4. Connection Stability
    5. Hardware requirements and infrastructure
    6. Maintenance
    7. Time needed for development
    8. Cost of development
    9. and etc.
    As for time consideration, it includes the process of complete analysis and planning of the business and logical flow.
  • Indirect Systems Integration

    1. Integrate via AOTG Gateway 
      • Integration via AOTG cloud server allows web developers to call AOTG API to transfer or share data between AutoCount Accounting and your system.
    2. Integrate via Common Data Format
      • Import 3rd Party XML File
        • This method is to extract data from your system and write the source to XML Data file. The XML structure must be according to the structure defined by AutoCount Accounting system.XML Schema specification, guideline and samples can be downloaded.
      • Import from Excel (Sales & Purchase, Stock, A/R & A/P) with AutoCount Excel Import
        • This method allows user to import data into AutoCount Accounting via Excel data file.
        • It supports “columns mapping” for Excel Columns and AutoCount Accounting Data Fields.
        • Furthermore, it supports “Code Conversion” of debtor, creditor and item.
    3. Bridging Interface (API)
      • Develop an application to act as a medium to transfer data from source to AutoCount Accounting. It is a standalone program. 
        • By using this method, the program is required to be certified by AutoCount Accounting.
        • Which it is required to obtain a developer license key. Or, “API Module” license for the customer account book.

    Direct Systems Integration

      1. Plug-In (API)
        • Plug-In is a program that run as an attach process to the parent application, which the parent application is AutoCount Accounting.
        • Write a plug-in for AutoCount Accounting that will perform batch update of transaction or data into account book. Though this method of integration requires user interaction, it allows user to verify the data before insert/update to the account book.
        • This reads data from the source, and write data to AutoCount Accounting by using AutoCount Accounting API.
        • AutoCount Accounting assemblies can be found in the application folder.
        • The default path to AutoCount Accounting assemblies is “C:\Program Files\AutoCount\Accounting\”.

      2. Features in training sample:
        1. Load data from Excel file directly
          • Support specific columns structure only
        2. User Interface that implement AutoCount Skin Style
        3. Write to Sales Invoice and create AR Payment with knockoff invoice
        4. Create missing Debtor or Item in Sales Invoice
        5. Check for Modules that is supported in this account book (eg. Project, Scripting)
        6. Access Rights control
          • Control user rights
        7. Add custom table
            • Create your own table in the database by executing embedded resources

      3. Direct Access to AutoCount API
        • This method is similar to “Integrate Program”. Except, instead of using a mediator to pull data, it directly write transaction to AutoCount Accounting using AutoCount Accounting API.
        • Same as the “Integrate Program”, “API Module” license is required.
        • For web application, Developer License Key is not supported.

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