AutoCount Accounting Version 1.8.26 Release Note

Improvements Introduced

GAF Viewer

In the current version of">AutoCount Accounting software, the GAF Viewer functionality is added to allow the users to view the data that is in the GST Audit File. This functionality is available in both the GST Instant Info and GST Return window. The data that is being used in the GAF Viewer for GST Instant Info is based on the real time data available in the GST Instant Info window itself whereas the data being used for the GAF Viewer in GST Return window is based on the captured data for that particular GST Return.
AutoCount software
AutoCount software
AutoCount software

Users can be able to drill down to the source document by double clicking the data inside the GAF Viewer grid.

AutoCount software

Gift Rule Enhancement

In the previous version of AutoCount Accounting, the Gift Rule functionality is just to allow user to enter the gift amount using the currency code based on the Tax Currency Code which is in MYR. This however causes some inconvenience to those users who are using a different Home Currency Code which is different from the Tax Currency Code (for example, a company that is trading in Singapore Dollar that is based in Malaysia (Home Currency Code: SGD and Tax Currency Code: MYR).Due to that, the Gift Rule functionality had been enhanced to allow users to select which Currency Code the amount they are entering belong to and if it is different from the Tax Currency Code (MYR), it will help to calculate the Tax Currency Gift Total Amount using the To Tax Currency Rate value.

Note: The new functionality will only be visible if the module Multi-Currency is enabled in AutoCount Accounting.

AutoCount software
AutoCount software

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

Among the newer bugs fixed and minor enhancement introduced in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 are:

  • Fix Bug: Fix an issue in the Print Bar Code window in which a user without the View Cost Access Right is able to see the fields that should be hidden by the access right. (ACC-2756)
  • Enhancement: Add the Branch Code field in the Partial Transfer Grid. This is to allow users to see the branch data when doing partial transfers. (ACC-2824)
  • Fix Bug: Fix an issue in which when doing a Full Document Transfer, the GST Adjustment figure is not transferred from the source document to the receiving document. (ACC-2885)
  • Fix Bug: Fix the issue that causes the Item Package price to be empty when the user changes the Debtor Code and selecting Yes when prompt with Auto Price Rule. (ACC-2908)
  • Enhancement: Enhance the Creditor Aging, Creditor Aging by Agent, Creditor Balance and Creditor Statement report by adding the Use Original Document Date option and displaying the Original Document Date column.(ACC-2914)
  • Fix Bug: Fix the incorrect SO quantity in Available Stock for Show Instant Info when using Item Package.(ACC-2917)
  • Fix Bug: Fix the bug in which when trying to import serial numbers from file, subsequent imports for different items will fail if the same file is used again.(ACC-2918)
  • Fix Bug: Fix a bug in which adding an item package using barcode will cause the item quantity of the previous line to change.(ACC-2922)
  • Fix Bug: Fix an issue in Consignment in which the Automatic Merge same Item Code behaviour is not enforced when using the barcode input.(ACC-2925)
  • Enhancement: Enhance the barcode input in Consignment to allow for an option for Return Quantity when inputting item through barcode.(ACC-2926)
  • Fix Bug: Fix a bug in the Cash Sale Listing by Payment Type report in which the report design is unable to display the Payment breakdown if the transaction inside the report is imported from another account book.(ACC-2928)
  • Fix Bug: Fix an issue in the GST Return where the A/P Debit Note in the C/N D/N list shows incorrect linkage to Purchase Invoice when the Supplier Invoice No field is left empty.(ACC-2929)
  • Fix Bug: Fix an issue in both the A/P and A/R Analysis by Document where the Gain/Loss column displays wrong information when the gain/loss is generated from A/P and A/R Refund.(ACC-2930)
  • Enhancement: Add a GAF Viewer functionality in the GST Return and GST Instant Info.
  • Fix Bug: Fix an issue where it is impossible to update the Imported Goods record after doing a save in Cash Book using the Enter Key.
  • Fix Bug: Fix a wrong currency rate calculation issue in the Bad Debt Relief and Recovery when not using MYR as home currency.
  • Fix Bug: Fix the incorrect rounding implementation for Item Package, in which if the document is using line by line rounding method, the Item Package detail will still use the Whole Document rounding method.
  • Fix Bug: Fix an issue in which the Aging Date in A/P documents is incorrectly updated when changing the Aging On field in Creditor Maintenance.
  • Enhancement: Gift Rule enhancement.
  • Fix Bug: Fix an inconsistency found in which returned cheque did not reverse the previous cheque transaction in the Tax Transaction Listing Report.
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