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AutoCount Accounting

Welcome to Autocount Accounting Version 2.0. It makes handling your money super easy—no more tricky spreadsheets or tons of papers. This Autocount version is here to make managing your money way better. Let’s find out about the cool features that make it awesome!

Benefits of AutoCount Accounting

Increased Efficiency

Make your work easier! This helps you by doing many jobs like typing numbers, checking the bank, and handling invoices all on its own. That way, you have more time for important things. You can see the latest info right away and make smart choices fast with instant financial reports.

Improved Accuracy

Say goodbye to mistakes when typing and doing math! This makes sure the information is right and dependable. It also helps you follow the rules for accounting in Malaysia using special tools that make it easy to follow the standards.

Enhanced Financial Insightsa

Make special reports and dashboards that you can change to check how well you're doing with your money.

Features in AutoCount Accounting

General Ledger Management:

Keep an eye on all your money moves, like how much you make, spend, and what you own or owe, all in one place.

Accounts Payable & Receivable:

Take care of paying the people you buy from and keeping track of the money your customers owe you. Make reminders for payments and know how much is still left to be paid.

Inventory Management:

Keep an eye on how much stuff you have, how much it costs, and how much you sell. Make lists to buy more when you need to and set points to remind you.

Payroll Processing:

Figure out and give employees their money, handle things like taking out taxes, and make reports about everyone's pay.

Tax Preparation & Filing:

Make reports about taxes and send them online to the people in charge.

Make special reports and dashboards that you can change to check how well your money is doing, see patterns, and make smart choices for your business.

Multi-Currency Support:

Manage transactions in multiple currencies with automatic conversion calculations.

Bank Reconciliation:

Make sure your bank papers match the money records by checking and fixing mistakes to keep everything right.

Auditing & Compliance:

Keep a record of all the steps you take and make sure you follow the rules for accounting in Malaysia.

Integration with Other Business Systems:

Link up with CRM, POS, and other tools to make your work smoother and let the computer do some jobs for you.

Scalability & Security:

Make sure your business can get bigger with plans that can change, and keep your information safe using strong codes and controls for who can see it.

Easy to Use: Made to be simple, even if you're not an accountant. It has easy-to-understand features and is easy to move around in.




Quotation Management:

Create and manage quotations efficiently, and convert them to sales orders with a single click.

Consignment Management:

Keep track of things you got to sell and the things you sold. If someone returns something, or you need to settle something, it's easy to handle.

Deposit Management:

Handle the money customers give you to hold, and keep track of giving their money back without any trouble.

Flow Management:

Make lists to buy stuff and sell things automatically when you need to, by checking how much you have and what people are buying.

Make fancy and detailed price offers with choices to change things the way you like.




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Taking SMEs to the Next Level of Business Excellence

AutoCount System has more than 50 modules and 100 plugins you can pick from. It’s great for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps them grow faster, and you can’t make a wrong choice with all the options. Pick AutoCount for your business, and it will help with accounting, keeping track of things you have, selling stuff, and more. Count on AutoCount to give you just what your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AutoCount Accounting easily work together with other business apps, like CRM or systems for keeping track of things you have?

YES, we have AutoCount API module to link with other apps.

What types of financial reports and statements can be generated using AutoCount Accounting for better decision-making?

Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet report, Trial balance report and more

What training and support options are available for businesses implementing AutoCount Accounting for their financial management needs?

Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement): This report shows the company's revenues, costs, and expenses over a specific period, resulting in the net profit or loss.

Balance Sheet: This statement provides an overview of the company's financial position at a specific point in time. It includes assets, liabilities, and equity.

Cash Flow Statement: This report outlines the inflows and outflows of cash and cash equivalents over a specific period. It is divided into operating, investing, and financing activities.

Trial Balance: A summary of all the accounts in the general ledger at a specific point in time. It helps ensure that debits and credits are equal.

General Ledger Report: This report provides a detailed summary of all financial transactions within an accounting period.

Sales and Purchase Reports: Detailed reports on sales and purchase transactions, including item-wise details, customer-wise sales, and supplier-wise purchases.

Inventory Reports: These reports track the movement of inventory, including stock levels, cost of goods sold, and valuation.

Budget vs. Actual Reports: Comparison of budgeted figures with actual performance to assess variances and make informed decisions.

Custom Reports: Depending on the software's flexibility, users may be able to create custom reports tailored to their specific business needs.

What kind of businesses is AutoCount Accounting best suited for, and does it cater to specific industries or sectors?

Autocount suitable for retail, wholesales and fnb

Is there a trial version or a demo available for businesses to explore the features of AutoCount Accounting before making a commitment?


Can AutoCount Accounting integrate with e-commerce platforms and other third-party applications for streamlined business operations?

Yes, can link with sitegiant

Can the accounting software generate customizable financial statements to meet the unique reporting needs of businesses?

Custom Report Generation: The ability to create custom financial reports based on specific parameters and criteria. Users can often select the accounts, time periods, and other variables to tailor the report to their needs.

Drag-and-Drop Interfaces: Intuitive interfaces that allow users to drag and drop elements to design and arrange their financial statements according to their preferences.

Flexible Chart of Accounts: The ability to customize and structure the chart of accounts to reflect the specific needs and complexities of the business.

Financial Ratios and Metrics: Customization of financial ratios and performance metrics to provide insights tailored to the business's key performance indicators (KPIs).

Graphical Representation: Some accounting software allows users to include graphical elements in reports, such as charts and graphs, for a visual representation of financial data.

User-Defined Fields: The option to add custom fields to transactions or accounts, allowing businesses to capture and report on unique data points.

Export and Integration: The capability to export financial data to external tools for further analysis or integrate with other software solutions.

How does the software handle data migration from other accounting systems, and is the process user-friendly?

Need use excel migrate

What are the system requirements for installing and running AutoCount Accounting, and does it support both Windows and Mac operating systems?

Only support window