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Our Pricing Structure

It has different prices for different businesses. You can choose the price that fits your business best. The prices are fair and there is a plan for every type of business.


Optional Module


Optional Modules


Factors Influencing Pricing ?

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Factors Influencing Pricing

1. Software Edition:

We have different versions, each with its own set of features. The cost might be different depending on which version you pick, so you can choose the one that has the tools you need for your business.

2. User Licenses:

Our prices depend on how many people in your company will be using this software. Whether you have a small team or a big one, we have different prices to fit your needs.

3. Add-On Modules:

AutoCount has add-on modules that can add new features or making the software work just the way you want. The price might change based on which type of modules you want to include in your package.

4. Support and Maintenance:

We also offer help if you have any problems with the software. We will also make sure the software is always up to date and give you access to helpful resources like guides and user forums. The price of this support depends on how much help you need and the resources you want access to.