How to do bank reconciliation in AutoCount?

Introduction of AutoCount Bank Reconciliation:

AutoCount Bank Reconciliation is a helpful tool that help you to match your bank account records in the system with the bank statements you get from the bank. It does this automatically, which means your financial records will be precise, and you can create dependable bank reconciliation statements.

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AutoCount Bank Reconciliation make it more easy by automatically matching your bank transactions with your account records, so you don’t have to do manual anymore.


By comparing your bank statements with your accounting records, AutoCount Bank Reconciliation help to identify discrepancies and make sure precise financial reporting.

3.Easy tracking:

Keep an eye on and follow all your bank transactions in one central system, which make it simpler to check and balance your accounts.

4.Error detection:

AutoCount Bank Reconciliation help to find the mistakes like missing or repeated transactions, and it make sure your financial data is correct and complete.

5.Improved cash flow management:

When you regularly balance your bank accounts, you can see your cash flow clearly, which help you to make smarter financial decisions.

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Launch Bank Reconciliation:

When you begin AutoCount bank reconciliation, you’ll see a list of special accounts (banks). Just pick the bank account that you want to reconcile, and then click the “Maintain Previous Year Uncleared Bank Transactions” button to start the process.


1. Maintain Previous Year Uncleared Bank Transactions:

Include records of uncleared bank transactions from past financial years so you can balance them later on.

2. Add New Bank Reconciliation: 

Make a fresh bank reconciliation for a particular bank account and set the date for the bank statement.


3. Define Bank Account Details and Reconcile Transactions

You should give important details like the bank account number, description, currency code, and the real bank statement balance.

Check the boxes to match the system’s bank account entries with the bank statement transactions. AutoCount Bank Reconciliation will figure out the system bank statement balance and spot any differences.

The “difference state” shows the gap between the Actual Bank Statement Balance and System Bank Statement Balance. This number should be zero (0.00) if the entries are reconciled correctly.

4.Preview Reconcile Transactions Report: 

After finish the bank reconciliation, make a reconciliation report. This report gives you a summary of the matched transactions, transactions still pending, any changes made, and the last balanced bank statement amount.

Look at the reconciliation statements to make sure they’re correct, and keep them for the future and as part of your financial records. These statements are like a record of the bank reconciliation process and help with auditing.


5.Bank Slip

This feature lets users group multiple check entries into one row when doing Bank Reconciliation. This grouping doesn’t change their ledger or journal entries.

It makes deposit transactions reliable and clear for both customers and banks.


Select the bank account number, and type in <<New>> in Doc No. It is mean to follow auto-running numbering (maintained at Document Numbering Format Maintenance).

Fill in the remaining blanks to continue the process.


The bank slip is now shown as one entry, and can be reconciled as one entry.

You may click on the ‘+’ sign to expand the details.

With the Bank Slip feature, you can make the reconciliation process more easy when you deposit several checks together. It lets you treat these checks as one entry on the bank statement, which makes reconciliation simpler to handle.




AutoCount Bank Reconciliation makes it easy to balance your bank accounts and keeps your financial records correct. It saves time, finds mistakes, and creates trustworthy bank reconciliation statements. Use AutoCount Bank Reconciliation to make your money management smoother and help with smart business choices. Get in touch with our team or an authorized AutoCount dealer to discover how it can help your business.

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