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What is AutoCount ?

AutoCount is a powerful software for managing your business data, analyzing your business performance and sharing your business information to help you make informed business decisions. This is a specialized software, which is designed for all companies that perform multiple accounting tasks. It is programmed with the most advanced technologies, such as Microsoft, .Net Framework, SQL Server 2005, and internet ready.

AutoCount stands out as one of the best accounting software for today business requirements. Characterized by its easy-to-learn and integrated features, it also helps to streamline your business operation. It provides strong and stable database for every type of business and able to perform all types of account transactions, no matter how complicated it is.

AutoCount is a advanced tool to manage your business data, to analyze your business performance, to share your business information and to help you make informed business decisions.

AutoCount Features

AutoCount is easy to use. It saves time and has the speed of storing data fast and in real time. By using this software, you can easily find information, such as account inquiries, inventory account search, and easy to find original documents. It helps to complete reports as data can be exported to Microsoft Excel and can email reports.

AutoCount has speed ​​and reliability of the system. Moreover, trusted autocount database can work over the Internet, data storage and data recovery. Mainly, this software has improved system security and operation control, which helps to detect “audit trail”.

This accounting software also has Better Business Solutions such as file transfers, check return handling, partial or full payment of receivables. Lastly, this software is so flexible because no monthly or year-end processing required.

What’s Inside AutoCount ?

AutoCount Payroll

AutoCount Payroll makes it simpler for users by placing common tasks, reports tasks and maintenance features on the left of the screens which make it easy to explain and understand. It helps users to perform tasks faster and find things more easily.

AutoCount Accounting

AutoCount Accounting is a business system that develop for everyone even though you don’t have any knowledge about accounting. It helps you solve all sorts of business problems.


AutoCount POS – F&B. F&B pos is a full system that full-fill the needs of F&B business environment. This F&B pos system helps your restaurants to run better and more efficiently from orders and payments to your entire ingredient inventory management. With the increase in the size of the food and beverages industry, the stocks, sales and customer requirements need to be updated on time.

This F&B pos will help the industry to grow and develop because they will have full knowledge about the products that are available in stock with the help of AC F&B system. This system comprises of the real-time data management system. The restaurants can maintain their accounts quickly by filling up the required information in the provided fields.

Moreover, the Restaurant POS System provides an integrated solution for the business houses that comprises of stock, accounting and invoicing. Even it helps in synchronizing the POS transactions into the POS terminal, which then synchronizes back to the main terminal of the Headquarter. The F&B system helps the food and beverage industry specialists to get important stock related information in real-time.

AutoCount POS – Retail. This Point of Sale software assists a business in maintaining a record and creating a database of its sales, customers and inventory. This offline POS system synchronizes data in real-time between the terminal and the Microsoft SQL backed database server. The Point of Sale comes equipped with the Accounting software which makes it multifunctional.

Mobile Solution

AutoCount On The GO. On The Go is the online version of AC Accounting. You can access AC Accounting information anywhere, anytime, without any boundaries.

iAutoCount. Mobile accounting assistant & dashboard app for Apple user. We focus on our user’s experience in doing accounting with iAutoCount, we can access to AC anywhere and any time, which also achieve the goal of mobility for efficiency.

iAutoCount also performing four core modules which consists of financial management, sales management, purchase management and inventory management. Besides, no double entry is required which means that we can perform accounting without the slightest knowledge of debit and credit, and so everybody can do it easily.


SiteGiant AutoCount Integrator. There is an excellent solution, with SiteGiant AC Integrator your product price and inventory can be transferred to your web store from your AC Software and sync your online orders and sales to your autocount software with just a few clicks.

Lazada Sync. AC and Lazada is now Sync. With this great sync you can control expenditure, deliver best customer experience, scalable business grow, synchronize pricing & inventory and resource allocation.


Program Customization. AC Software’s program customization allow you to customize your AC software to fulfill your requirements and improve the performance of your company.

More Solutions. AC software provides additional solutions to various business sectors such as Optical businesses, Lighting Shops and Vehical Workshops with their excellent solutions to improve their businesses.

Software Plugins

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