AutoCount Import From Excel

Streamline Data Import with Ease

AutoCount Import From Excel is a powerful feature that allows you to import data from an Excel template into AutoCount accounting software.


This feature makes it easier to bring in different kinds of information, such as Stock Items, Stock Item Price Books, Cash Book Entries, Journal Entries, AR/AP Invoices, AR/AP Debit Notes, AR/AP Credit Notes, AR/AP Payments, Debtor/Creditor details, and Member data. You can simply use the Excel template that comes with AutoCount or the one in the AutoCount Installer CD to smoothly import data into AutoCount.

Benefits of AutoCount Import From Excel:


1. Time-saving:

Using Excel templates for data import can save you a lot of time and effort. Instead of typing in data one by one, you can quickly bring in a large amount of information with just a few easy steps.


3. Streamlined Workflow:

AutoCount Import From Excel makes it easy to bring in a lot of data quickly, helping you update and handle big amounts of information. This makes your work smoother and helps you get things done faster.


2. Accuracy:

When you match the Excel columns to the right fields in AutoCount, it makes sure that the data gets transferred correctly. This reduces the chances of mistakes when entering data by hand and keeps your data reliable and accurate.


4. Data Consistency:

Using standardized Excel templates helps keep your data consistent. It means you enter data in the same way, making it simpler to analyze and keep track of.

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Importing Stock Item Data:

Let's take a look at an example of importing Stock Item data using AutoCount Import From Excel:


This to import data from excel template into AutoCount. Those data that can be import through excel are: Stock Item, Stock Item Price Book, Cash Book Entry, Journal Entry, AR/AP invoice, AR/AP Debit Note, AR/AP Credit Note, AR/AP Payment, Debtor/Creditor and Member. You can download the template from the button below (Download Import From Excel Template) or you may get in from the AutoCount Installer CD for the required format.

icons8 template 64

1. Excel Template:

The Excel template provided for importing Stock Item data consists of different columns to capture the necessary details such as Item Code, Item Name, Unit of Measurement (UOM), Cost Price, Selling Price, and more.

2. Copy and Paste:

icons8 copy 24

To import Stock Item data, you need to copy the relevant data from the Excel template, including the header, and paste it into the designated area in AutoCount Import From Excel.

icons8 mapping 64

3. Mapping Data:

Once the data is pasted into it, the system will map the Excel columns to the corresponding fields in AutoCount. This make sure precise data transfer and minimizes manual data entry.

4. Data Validation:

icons8 data validation 32

It performs data validation to make sure data integrity. It checks for any inconsistencies or errors in the imported data, allowing you to address them before finalizing the import process.

icons8 import 64

5. Import Confirmation:

After the validation process, you will receive a confirmation message that indicate for the success of the import. You can review the imported Stock Item data in AutoCount to make sure its precise.


AutoCount Import From Excel makes it super easy to bring data into AutoCount accounting software. Whether it’s stock items, money transactions, or info about customers and suppliers, this feature makes it simple and accurate. By using Excel templates and AutoCount’s data mapping, you can make data import easier and boost your productivity.

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