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Easy to handle quotes before make a sale, track and manage quotes well

Introduction of AutoCount Advanced Quotation Module

The AutoCount Advanced Quotation module is made to make it easier for businesses to handle quotes before make a sale. It helps businesses keep track of their quotes and manage them well, making the process smoother and more precise. Let’s look at the main advantages, features, and how to use this module successfully.

How to Use ?

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Key Benefits of AutoCount Advanced Quotation Module

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1. Improved Quotation Control:

Take charge of the entire quotation process, from making the quote to getting it approved and finalizing it. Make sure all quotes go through the right steps and approvals, which helps reduce error and makes things more precise.

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3. Enhanced Quotation Tracking:

Easily follow how each quote is doing, including any changes and updates. Keep a detailed record of everything related to quotes, making it simple to look back at past quotes for reference and study.

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How AutoCount Multi-Currency Module Works:

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1. Revision Control:

The AutoCount Advanced Quotation Module lets users easily edit quotations and keeps a record for all the changes. This helps ensure that changes are tracked accurately and provides a reference for analyzing things in the future.

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2. Master-Detail Relationship:

The Advanced Quotation module shows how the main quotation and its details have changed over time, giving a full view of its revision history. This helps you see how the quotation has grow and find the latest version.

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3. Status Indicators:

The new status indicators show what stage the quotation is at, so users can quickly see its current status. Whether it's in the "Open," "Confirm," "Pending," "Approve," "Reject," "Success," or "Lost" stage, it's easy to keep an eye on how each quotation is progressing.

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4. Workflow :

User-friendly buttons like "Confirm," "Approve," "Reject," "Success," or "Lost" make it easy to move quotations to different stages and status. Users can smoothly go through the process and do what needs to be done in the AutoCount Advanced Quotation Module.

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5. Watermark in Preview and Printing:

To make sure the quotation document looks good, a special mark is added when you preview or print quotations that are not ready or are being processed. But when quotations are approved and successful, they look clean and professional without any special marks when you show to customers.

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6. Email Notifications:

The module sends emails to let you know when quotations get approved or when there are updates in their status. This way, sales agents get timely messages about whether their quotations are accepted or not, making it easier to make decisions quickly.

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Ideal for Business:

The AutoCount Advanced Quotation module works well for businesses that need to get approval for quotations before sending them to customers and for keeping an eye on changes to quotations. It helps businesses make their pre-sales process smoother, helps teams work better together , and makes sure they keep track of quotation activities precisely.

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The AutoCount Advanced Quotation module has strong tools to make pre-sales work smoother. You can use features like keeping track of changes, watching the status, getting emails about updates, and making detailed reports. This helps businesses manage quotations better, work well together , and keep a close eye on quotation activities. Using this module can give you more control, work faster, and make customers happier with your quotation process.

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