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FOC Quantity

Simple for businesses to handle, keeping records precise

Introduction of AutoCount FOC Quantity Module

AutoCount FOC Quantity module make AutoCount Accounting software even better by help you to keep track of and manage free-of-charge (FOC) quantities when you buy or sell items. This module make it simple for businesses to handle FOC items in transactions, keeping records precise and managing them efficiently.

How to Use ?

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Let's explore the key benefits of the AutoCount FOC Quantity Module

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FOC Quantity Management in a Simplified Way

Make it easier to deal with free-of-charge (FOC) quantities when buying and selling items, so businesses can effortlessly keep track of and manage them in their sales and purchases.

Precise FOC Quantity Recording

Keep precise records of FOC quantities in sales transactions, making sure that everything is properly documented and improving how you manage your inventory.

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Enhanced Sales Reporting

Use the FOC Quantity Analysis By Document report to see how much FOC stuff you've got and check out sales documents with FOC items. This help you to make better decisions and evaluate how well your sales are doing.

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Flexible FOC Configuration

Setting FOC for each item you have in stock. This lets businesses set clear rules for when and how free items are given based on how much is sold, giving you more flexibility and control.

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Taking SMEs to the Next Level of Business Excellence

AutoCount System have offers more than 50 modules and 100 plugins to pick from for small and medium-sized businesses. These tools help businesses grow faster, and you have many options to choose from. When you choose AutoCount, you can make your business better with tools for things like accounting, managing inventory , sales, and more. You can trust AutoCount to have what you need to make your business work well.

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How AutoCount FOC Quantity Module Works:

FOC Analysis Report

Use the FOC Quantity Analysis By Document report to get a full view of all FOC quantities and to study sales documents with FOC items. This help with effective sales analysis and evaluation.

Item-specific FOC Settings

Set up FOC settings for each stock item on the Stock Item Maintenance screen. This let you to decide the conditions for giving FOC items based on how much you sell, giving you more control and flexibility in managing FOC items.

FOC Quantity in Sales Invoice

Put FOC quantities right into the FOC Qty column in the sales invoice. This make it easy to see FOC quantities on the same line as the items you’re selling.

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Enable FOC Quantity Functionality

Turn on the FOC Quantity module to include FOC quantities in item transactions when buying and selling.

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Customizable FOC Label

Change how things look on your invoices so that FOC labels and quantities show up the way you like. This make the FOC information on invoices clearer and looks better.

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Ideal for Business:

This module makes it easier for businesses to handle free items in their transactions. It’s great for businesses that often have promotions, giveaways, or offer things for free. It is very helpful for retailers, wholesalers, and businesses in hospitality and services. Retailers can keep track of and manage free items when giving them away or as part of promotions.

Wholesalers can easily manage free items when giving samples or free products to their clients. In the hospitality and service industries, businesses can easily handle free services or items that come with packages. By using the FOC Quantity module, businesses can make managing free items smoother, have better control over their inventory, and make their customers happier.


This module gives businesses an easy way to handle free items in their transactions. When you use this module and its features, you can make managing free items simpler, reduce mistakes in transactions, make customers happier, and get detailed reports about free items. So, think about adding the AutoCount FOC Quantity module to your work process to make managing free items easier and improve how well your business runs.

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