Why OneSales POS?

Light and Easy Setup


  • Cloud based  
  • No setup or installation 
  • Just email subscription


  • Windows application 
  • .Net Framework 4.8
  • Run SQL Local DB
  • Installation within minutes
No Technical Configuration


  • No VPN 
  • No Firewall 
  • No Port forwarding 
  • Only API Key required
Integrated with Cloud Accounting
  • Posting the data to each others
Cloud Reporting
  • Enjoy Cloud Benefits Anytime, anywhere
  • Comprehensive reports Most POS 5.0 reports available 
  • Complete Data Analysis / Reporting Analyse data from various channel
Membership Management (OneSales Club)
  • Standalone Membership Management System
  • Centralized Members and Points
  • Generate Member Statement 
  • Support OneSales POS only for now 
  • Suppport POS 5 in future
Insane Promotion Flexibility
  • Define JavaScript Promotion Customizable, Powerful and Flexible
  • Promotion Templates Quick Setup for Frequent used Promotion
  • Promotion Simulator Simulates results to validate promotion setting 

Cloud Report(Backend)

Integrated with Cloud Accounting

Technical Configuration

Comparison With POS 5.0

POS 5 OneSales POS
Target Customer Retial and F&B Retail with simple requirements
Setup & Installation Both Backend & Frontend require installation and setup Only Frontend
Sync Setup Require VPN, Azure Service Bus API Key
Dashboard / Report accessbility Limited access. Rely on additional Apps, E-Dashboard if wish to view report On- the-Go Cloud Backend, accessible anytime, anywhere
Transaction Type Normal products, Multi-UOM, Item Package, Item Batch, Serial Number Normal Products, Variant products, Multi-Pack (Development), Bundle(Development)
Project / Department Yes No
Promotion Fixed, require customize for non-standard promotion. To implement JavaScript promotion in Phase 2b JavaScript, highly flexible
Member POS Backend / Accounting 2.0 OneSales Club
Stock Transit Full Transit only Support full and variance in receiving
Accounting Integration Accounting 2.0 Cloud Accounting
POS Frontend POS A, POS B, POS Branch POS Customer

POS Pricing

Monthly Fee RM130 / counter / month
No. of User Unlimited
OneSales Club RM60 / club / month

Don't understand? Read Some Frequantly Asked Question

Can I Start to promote and implement OneSales to customer?
Yes, you can start to promote and implement OneSales to interested customer
  Multiple OneSales company integrate into 1 Cloud Accounting company?
No, 1 OneSales company can only integrate into 1 Cloud Accounting company
OneSales POS to Accounting 2.0
No, for user that interested to use Accounting 2.0 as their backend may use POS 5
  Help materials / resources for OneSales?
Yes, temporary you can find @ https://help.onesales.autocountsoft.com/

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