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Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Advance

Introduction of AutoCount Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Advance Plugin :

The Advanced AutoCount Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Plugin is a strong tool that helps businesses look at their sales data in a more advanced way. Think of it as an improved form of the Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Module. With this tool, you can look at sales data from different places, such as UDFs, to learn more about your business and make it better.

How to Use ?

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Let's explore the key benefits, features, and usage of the AutoCount Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Advance plugin.

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Comprehensive Analysis:

Read and look at sales data with many data, like UDFs, to understand sales results better.

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Enhanced Reporting:

Create full reports with designs you can change, and then save them in Excel or PDF to study more or send to others.

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Flexibility and Customization:

Create profiles to pre-set templates of the columns and fields you want in your reports. This way, you can create reports quickly and keep them the same.

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Efficient Data Filtering:

User can narrow down the info you're looking at by using filters. You can narrow your research by focusing on certain types of data.

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Sorting and Top Value Analysis:

User can quickly sort data by choosing which columns. You can also highlight the best performers or focus on some groups by setting limits on the number of top results that you want to see.

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User Access Control:

When they are given the right to enter, users can choose who can see their accounts and who can use the Advanced Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis tool.

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How AutoCount Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Advance Plugin Works:

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Access Rights:

You can control which user can see accounts and use the Advanced Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis tool with the new entry rights.

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Advanced Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis:

Go to the area where you can make sales analysis reports based on profiles and change them to your liking.

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Profile Setup:

Create profiles to pre-set templates of columns and fields, making your reports the same and correct.

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Data Filtering:

Using the filter choices, you can quickly narrow down your data by picking specific criteria, such as document type or UDFs.

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Generating Reports:

Use buttons to do things like calculate results, look at a sample of a report, set sorting and top value numbers, and more.

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Drag-and-Drop Customization:

Customize your report layouts by derag and drop the columns to the X (row) and Y (column) sections.


Profile Management:

User can easily make, change, or get rid of records to meet your reporting needs.

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Edit Pivot Column:

Set up column settings like where it come from, what kind of data, caption, and where they appear in the report.

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Saving and Accessing Profiles:

With the Advanced Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis tool, you can save profiles and view them quickly and correctly whenever you need to make a report.

Ideal for Business:

The AutoCount Advanced Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Plugin is great for all companies, such as retail, transportation, and industry. It lets you dig into your sales numbers, find changes, see how things are going, and make smart decisions that will help your business grow.


You can get the most out of studying your sales data with the AutoCount Advanced Multi-Dimensional Sales study Plugin. It has strong features, accounts that can be changed, and advanced reporting tools that help businesses understand how their sales are doing and make smart decisions.

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