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Document Integrity Management

Introduction of AutoCount Document Integrity Management Plugin :

The AutoCount Document Integrity Management Plugin makes it simple to ensure data correct and field control in different documents. It allow users easily set which fields are needed or optional, helping to keep data correct in document workflows. Whether you want to make certain fields mandatory or limit certain entries, this plugin offers a complete solution for managing document fields effectively.

How to Use ?

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Taking SMEs to the Next Level of Business Excellence

AutoCount System has over 50 modules and 100 plugins for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). These can help your business grow and provide tailored solutions for things like accounting, managing inventory, and sales. AutoCount offers a wide range of options to meet your business needs, so you can trust it to help your business succeed.

Low Mun Yao

How AutoCount Document Integrity Management Plugin Works:

Ideal for Business:

AutoCount Document Integrity Management Plugin is great for many types of businesses that need to make sure their documents are correct and easy to control. This is helpful for companies that deal with lots of important documents, like banks, legal firms, and companies that manage the supply chain.


Make your document management easier and keep your data correct with the AutoCount Document Integrity Management Plugin. It helps you by setting rules for the information you need in your documents and makes sure your data is reliable and the same. This plugin is a helpful to make your work more efficient, reduce mistakes, and keep your data in good shape.

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