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AutoCount Inter-Company Posting Plugin

Introduction of AutoCount Inter-Company Posting Plugin :

The AutoCount Intercompany Posting Plugin improve transaction recording between the main office and offices, improve speed and reduce error.

Let's explore the key benefits, features, and usage of the AutoCount Inter-Company Posting plugin.

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Increased Productivity:

The method of improve the need for human data entry in those can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of company deals.

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Minimized Errors:

To keep out mistake and difference, enter the data just once and it will change all the important account books by itself.

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Affordable Transactions:

Make things work better and save money by handling deals between the main office and its smaller companies easily.

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Simplified Process:

Make a simple way for share data between business without the need for individual data share.

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Enhanced Data Accuracy:

Keep all account books correct and update for better financial records and make choice.

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Moving SMEs to the Next Level of Leadership.

With over 50 modules and 100 plugins to choose from, AutoCount System gives lots of modules and plugins for SMEs, which supports growth and meeting individual business needs well.

How AutoCount Inter-Company Posting Plugin Works:

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Batch Update:

Simply change different stock things in different account books using the Batch change tool in Intercompany Posting.

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Change Item Code:

The Intercompany Posting > Stock Item > Change Item Code function allows for a quick and simple change of item code between account books.

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Change Item UOM:

Intercompany Posting allows users to easily change item units of measure between account books using the "Change Item UOM" tool, which can also be save from the clipboard.

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In the Intercompany Posting > Options area, just tell us how many account books are part of the method to set your choice.

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Ideal for Business:

The Intercompany Posting Plugin is great for companies with a main office and many branches, like chains or business groups.


Make intercompany deals easy with the AutoCount Intercompany Posting Plugin, saving time and money for better financial management.

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