AutoCount Recall Bill Plugin


The Recall Bill – Multi Counter plugin is a software module or extension that enhances the functionality of a point-of-sale (POS) system by enabling the recall and retrieval of past sales transactions from multiple counters or registers. It is particularly useful in businesses with multiple checkout counters or registers where customers may need assistance with returns, exchanges, or inquiries about previous purchases. Here’s an overview of the Recall Bill – Multi Counter plugin and its key features

  1. Transaction Retrieval: The plugin allows store employees to retrieve past sales transactions from any counter or register within the business. This means that if a customer wants to return or exchange an item, the employee can access the original transaction details, even if the sale was made at a different counter.

  2. Search and Filter Options: The plugin provides search and filter options to quickly locate and retrieve specific transactions. Employees can search by transaction ID, customer name, date, or any other relevant criteria to narrow down the results and find the desired transaction.

  3. Comprehensive Transaction Details: Once a transaction is recalled, the plugin displays comprehensive details about the sale, including the items purchased, quantities, prices, discounts applied, payment methods used, and any other relevant information. This helps employees provide accurate and efficient customer service.

  4. Refunds and Exchanges: With the Recall Bill – Multi Counter plugin, employees can easily process refunds or exchanges for customers by referencing the original transaction. They can identify the specific items being returned or exchanged and handle the transaction accordingly, ensuring accuracy and proper inventory management.

  5. Customer Service and Inquiries: The plugin assists store employees in addressing customer inquiries about previous purchases. If a customer has a question or concern about a specific transaction, employees can quickly retrieve the transaction details and provide the necessary information or assistance.

  6. Integration with Customer Database: The plugin may integrate with the store’s customer database or CRM system. This allows employees to associate transactions with specific customers, view customer profiles, and access customer purchase history, enhancing personalized customer service.

  7. Multi-Register Synchronization: The Recall Bill – Multi Counter plugin ensures that transaction data is synchronized across all registers or counters within the business. This means that if a sale is made at one counter, it can be recalled and accessed from any other counter in real-time.

  8. Security and Access Controls: The plugin incorporates security features to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and retrieve past transactions. Access controls and user permissions can be configured to restrict access to transaction data based on employee roles and responsibilities.

  9. Reporting and Analytics: The plugin may offer reporting and analytics features that provide insights into transaction history, sales trends, or customer behavior. This helps businesses make informed decisions, identify opportunities for improvement, and optimize their operations.

  10. Customization and Integration: The Recall Bill – Multi Counter plugin can often be customized to meet specific business requirements and integrated with the existing POS system. It should seamlessly integrate with other POS functionalities and workflows to provide a smooth user experience.