AutoCount Stock In Transit Plugin

Introduction of AutoCount Stock In Transit Plugin :

The Stock In Transit plugin help businesses follow their inventory as it moves between locations, ensure exact management and reduce inventory mistakes.

Here's an overview of the Stock In Transit plugin

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Inventory Tracking:

The plugin helps businesses know where their inventory is, how much they have, and when it's supposed to arrive when it's being moved.

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Seeing and Tracking:

The Stock In Transit plugin helps businesses see where their inventory is, track shipments, and guess when they'll arrive.

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Stock Reservation:

The plugin helps businesses save inventory for particular shipments or orders so it won't be used elsewhere, avoiding problems like selling too much or running out of stock.

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Stock Transfer Management:

The plugin makes it easy to move inventory from one place to another. It helps you create transfer orders, generate shipping documents, and update inventory records as items are sent between locations.

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Stock Valuation:

The plugin adds the value of inventory on the move when calculating its total worth, making sure it's included in financial reports and accounting calculations.

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Stock Balancing and Corrections:

The plugin helps businesses make sure their inventory arrives as planned and matches their records. If not, it helps them fix any problems.

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Alerts and Messages:

The plugin lets everyone know about inventory that's on its way, helping businesses handle transportation problems or delays faster.

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Taking SMEs to the Next Level of Business Excellence

AutoCount System has a wide variety of options, with over 50 modules and 100 plugins, designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a dependable choice for businesses looking to grow and meet their specific needs, providing solutions for accounting, inventory, sales, and more.

Key benefits of the Stock In Transit plugin include

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Exact Inventory Management:

The plugin helps make sure inventory records are right by watching items as they travel and checking them when they arrive. This avoids mistakes and keeps things accurate.

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Quick Stock Moves:

The plugin makes moving inventory between places smoother and quicker, ensuring things reach their destination on time with fewer delays.

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Better Oversight and Management:

Seeing inventory as it moves right now helps businesses manage their supply chain better and make smart decisions using accurate inventory info.

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Avoiding Inventory Shortages and Over-selling:

The plugin sets aside inventory for specific shipments or orders, ensuring you don't run out and avoiding overselling, so it's used appropriately.

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Improved Financial Statements:

Counting inventory on the way in financial reports makes the business's money and finances more exact.

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The AutoCount Stock In Transit plugin tracks inventory on the move, avoids shortages, and simplifies transfers, making inventory management easier for businesses.

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