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Tourism Tax

Introduction of AutoCount Tourism Tax Plugin:

Managing tourism tax can be difficult for hotels and hospitality businesses. But with the AutoCount Tourism Tax plugin, it gets much easier. This plugin does the math for you, makes tax reports, and keeps everything legal. It’s like having a helper for your invoicing and tourism tax tasks.

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Taking SMEs to the Next Level of Business Excellence

With over 50 modules and 100 plugins to choose from, AutoCount System offers a wide range of options for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It helps businesses accelerate their growth and ensures that you can’t go wrong with its diverse selection. Choose AutoCount to take your business to new heights with its tailored solutions for accounting, inventory management, sales, and more. Trust in AutoCount’s extensive offerings to meet your specific business needs effectively.

Low Mun Yao

How AutoCount Tourism Tax Plugin Works:

Ideal for Business:

The AutoCount Tourism Tax plugin is a great choice for hotels, resorts in the hospitality industry. It’s made to help businesses, whether big or small, easily to collecr and manage tourism tax. This plugin make the process and reporting tourism tax easy, and make sure that you comply with all the regulations. So, whether you run a single hotel or a large chains, it can make your tax-related tasks much smoother.


The AutoCount Tourism Tax plugin makes managing tourism tax a breeze. It does the math for you, creates detailed tax reports, and even fits into your invoicing process. With correct calculations and easy reporting, you can comply with tourist tax rules and make your operations smoother. Give this handy plugin a try to easy your tourism tax task and focus on offer great guest experiences.

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