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Introduction of AutoCount Universal Import Plugin :

The AutoCount Universal Import Plugin is a robust tool integrated into the AutoCount accounting system, designed to simplify and automate the data import process. This plugin supports a wide range of data types and formats, ensuring seamless integration and accuracy across various accounting functions.

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Let's explore the key Benefits, and usage of AutoCount Universal Import plugin.

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How AutoCount Universal Import Plugin Works:


Default AccNo: For importing account numbers.

Default ARAP: For accounts receivable and payable transactions. For example, ARInvoice, ARPayment, ARDebitNote, ARCreditNote, APInvoice, APPayment, APDebitNote, and APCreditNote.

Default DebtorCreditor: For managing debtor and creditor data. For example, Debtor, and Creditor.

Default GL: For general ledger entries. For example, Journal Entry.

Default Purchase: For purchasing operations. For example, RequestQuotation, PurchaseOrder, GoodsReceivedNote, PurchaseInvoice, CashPurchase, and PurchaseReturn.

Default Sales: For sales operations. For example, Quotation, SalesOrder, DeliveryOrder, Invoice, CashSale, CreditNote, and DebitNote.

Default Stock: For inventory management. For example, StockAdjustment, StockIssue, StockReceive, StockWriteOff, StockTransfer.

Default General Maintenance: For general maintenance operations. For example, Import Currency Rate, and Import Last Year Balance.

Excel Header Mapping

The Universal Import Plugin allows users to map different Excel header names to corresponding fields in AutoCount. This flexibility enables users to customize their Excel files according to their specific needs without adhering to a fixed template.

Example: If your Excel file uses “CustomerName” instead of “DebtorCode,” you can map “CustomerName” to “DebtorCode” during the import process.

File Import Method

The Universal Import Plugin uses an upload-based concept where users can upload Excel files directly. The system imports the data based on predefined mapping rules, making it efficient for large datasets.

Example: Uploading a monthly sales report Excel file for automatic import.

Column Searching Function

The Universal Import Plugin supports column searching to automatically fill in missing columns during the import process. This feature is particularly useful if your Excel file lacks certain important fields. The system can reference existing columns to infer and fill in the missing data.

Example: If your Excel file has “CustomerName” but not “DebtorCode,” the system can use “CustomerName” to find and fill in the corresponding “DebtorCode.”

Additional Import Options:

Besides the Universal Import Plugin and Import by Excel functions, AutoCount offers other options for importing data:

  • AutoCount Import Plugin: AutoCount Import Plugin facilitates the import of data from various sources into AutoCount, handling complex data mapping and transformation tasks.
  • AutoCount Integrator Plugin: AutoCount Integrator Plugin enhances the capabilities of the Universal Import Plugin by adding features for scheduling and automating the import process. Supports multiple methods including Direct Method, API Method, and File Drop Method.
  • Import XML Module: Import XML Module allows users to import data in XML format, ensuring accurate capture of complex data structures and relationships.

The Universal Import Plugin and the Import by Excel function are powerful tools within AutoCount, each offering unique advantages depending on the complexity and type of data import tasks. The Universal Import Plugin is ideal for users with extensive and varied data import needs, thanks to its broad functionality, flexibility in Excel header mapping, and support for column searching. Meanwhile, the Import by Excel function is suited for more straightforward data imports, relying on fixed templates and a simpler copy-and-paste method.

However, these two options are not the only ways to import data into AutoCount. Other available options include the AutoCount Import Plugin, AutoCount Integrator Plugin, and Import XML Module. Each tool offers distinct features and capabilities, allowing users to choose the most appropriate method for their specific data import needs in AutoCount.

If you need further assistance or have specific questions about any of these options, feel free to ask! Embrace these tools to streamline your data import processes and enhance your business operations.

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