AutoCount Tips: Find Panel & Auto Filter Row">AutoCount Accounting has a powerful search mechanism. This post will cover part of the strong searching mechanism that we had which could improve the working efficiency of any user out there. There will be 2 things that this post will cover: Find Panel and Auto Filter Row. If you had used AutoCount Accounting for years, probably this is nothing new to you as you may had discover this functionality but for those that are new, this might be a fresh new stuff to you that could be useful for your searching work.

So where can you find this Find Panel & Auto Filter Row and how does it work? To look for this 2 functions, you just need to go any form or page which has a Grid Table (usually looks like a table that display your data, for example Stock Item Maintenance, Debtor Maintenance, Creditor Maintenance etc). Just right click on the grid header and most of the time you can locate this 2 function name – Show Find Panel & Show Auto Filter Row.

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Find Panel:

1. Enable Find Panel by clicking on Show Find Panel by right clicking on the Grid Header.

2. The look of Find Panel

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3. User can just type anything in the Find Panel and AutoCount System able to search dynamically based on the key words against the columns displayed.

4. Example if user type a word into it, it will filter out the results accordingly and highlight it for easy viewing.

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Auto Filter Row:

1. Enable Auto Filter Row by clicking on Show Auto Filter Row by right clicking on the Grid Header.

2. The look of Auto Filter Row

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3. This Auto Filter Row allows you to search based on individual columns that are available in the Grid. For example if you wish to search something from debtor name, you can just type the key word under the Empty Column generated. However, this search will always match equally to the work that you type in, for example if you intend to search a name call McDonalds, there will be no result if you just type in Donalds, where its behavior is different with Find Panel search.

4. If you wish to make the behavior of searching to be similar to Find Panel, you will need to type a ‘%’ symbol before you enter your key word.

5. Example of search from Auto Filter Row

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6. Example of search from Auto Filter Row using the ‘%’ Symbol

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