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Pricing is a very important element in business and thus price historical related functions had became one of the vital essence to build in a system. In AutoCount Accounting system, we do have our own way to present and let user access these price history records.

In AutoCount Accounting, we made it easy for user to access these information during any stage of Sales / Purchase, from placing order till Invoice. User can find there is a “Show Instant Info” in every entry screens of Sales and Purchase. Inside this Show Instant Info, we place the price history inside so that it could be easily access by users whenever they want to proceed with their Sales or Purchases entries. This allow them to check their price for each item easily. All the user need to do is just click on the button and select / highlight the item that they wish to check on the entry screen.

Price History 1
Price History 2
Price History 3

As you can see from the sample images, the price history can be easily access and this can increase the work efficiency. In fact we do consider if some of the user out there that wish to do some simple filter in their price history, therefore we had added some price history settings which could also help those that has problem with large amount of transactions to ease their checking and data loading time. Simply just Right Click at the Price History area –> Price History Setting to access some settings / filter provided.

Price History 4

At the setting dialog, user had the flexibility to filter their price history record by date as well as document type. For example if user just wish to check on the Sales Price, they can easily just untick the “Show Purchase Price History” and the system will hide away those records which come from Purchase side. Another example will be if the user wish to check on the Invoice selling price only, the user can untick all other Sales Document and only tick for Invoice (IV) so that system will be able to show prices from Invoice only. For now we will perform a simple example where the setting is adjusted to show only December 2016 records (as image above).

Price History 5

Other than that, AutoCount Accounting do provide a more clear-cut report for price history if user wish to print it out for reference. User can find it under our Sales Menu –> Price History Report. At this report you will have more filter options as well as the flexibility to print these history out as hard copy. Additionally at this report, we had an option to show the most recent record for particular item, particular debtor / creditor instead of showing all records for this item this debtor / creditor.

Price History 6
Price History 7