B2C Apps

What is B2C Apps?

The full name of B2C apps is Business-to-Customer apps. B2C apps are perhaps the most well-known type, as they are commonly found in places such as the app store. The B2C apps in AutoCount is an eCommerce Apps. The B2C apps means it act as an online store of retailers and brands for selling products and services of various manufacturers, business, and brands. The apps that sell consumer products to goods and servicess that are directed to end-users.

B2C apps tend to be more labor intensive and costlier to implement, in part because they need fairly frequent updates in response to user feedback and issues identified in user analytics. Since you’re relying on regular users and downloads to measure success, it’s vital that you continually maintain and update the application’s user interface (UI). Quite simply, user experience (UX) holds a lot of weight for this app genre.

What’s more, B2C applications must be more competitive since you typically rely on app sales or in-app purchases. This means a greater emphasis on growth and evolution.

From the video below you can know B2C Apps.

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