Barcode Printing

As there are various brands of barcode printer, and different brands may apply different barcode formats, which could make the printed barcodes unreadable (unrecognized) when being scanned.

This  plug-in is used to print barcode with a Barcode Template File, which eliminates the problems of non-readable printed barcodes.

Barcode template file is an output file generated from a barcode printer software (such as Bar Tender, Poslabel, Label Gallery…) which was fine-tuned in accordance to the required barcode format and desired contents.


First of all, obtain the plug-in installer PrintBarCode Plugin Setup.exe … double click to install the plug-in (just follow the guided steps).

Then, login to the desired account book of AutoCount Accounting, go to Tools > Plug-Ins Manager, click to highlight the Print BarCode Plug-Ins, then click on Install, Close.


How To Start

After the installation of Pint BarCode Plug-Ins, the flow of creating and using Barcode Template are as follows:


1. Install the barcode printer software (depending on the type of barcode printer) such as: Bar Tender, Pos Label, Label Gallery …

2. Create/design the barcode layout using the barcode printer software;

3. Use ‘Print to File’ to generate a output file of the designed layout (Barcode Template);

4. Open the Barcode Template using Note Pad, and modify the content accordingly; save the template;

5. In AutoCount, go to Tools > Print Bar Code, print the barcodes using Print With Barcode Template File.

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