AutoCount Basic Edition: Simplified Accounting for Small Businesses



AutoCount Basic Edition is a user-friendly accounting software designed specifically for small businesses. It offers a simplified and cost-effective solution for managing financial transactions, inventory, and customer information. With its intuitive interface and essential features, AutoCount Basic Edition is ideal for startups, micro-businesses, and companies with basic accounting needs.


Key Features and Benefits of AutoCount Basic Edition:


  1. Easy Setup and Navigation: AutoCount Basic Edition is designed to be user-friendly, allowing even non-accounting professionals to set up and navigate the software effortlessly. The intuitive interface and guided setup process make it quick and easy to get started.


  1. Core Accounting Functionality: Despite being a basic edition, AutoCount Basic Edition provides essential accounting functions such as general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bank reconciliation. These features enable you to manage your finances accurately and efficiently.


  1. Inventory Management: AutoCount Basic Edition includes basic inventory management capabilities, allowing you to track your stock levels, manage item records, and monitor inventory movements. This feature is especially useful for businesses that deal with physical products.


  1. Customer and Supplier Management: With AutoCount Basic Edition, you can easily manage your customer and supplier information. Maintain contact details, track transactions, and generate reports to stay organized and maintain healthy business relationships.


  1. Sales and Purchasing Modules: AutoCount Basic Edition offers modules for sales and purchasing, enabling you to create sales orders, issue invoices, record purchases, and manage supplier payments. These modules streamline your sales and purchasing processes, saving you time and effort.


  1. Financial Reporting: Generate essential financial reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements with AutoCount Basic Edition. These reports provide insights into your business’s financial health and aid in making informed decisions.


  1. User Access Control: AutoCount Basic Edition allows you to set user access permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive financial data. This feature helps maintain data security and confidentiality within your organization.


  1. Data Backup and Security: AutoCount Basic Edition provides built-in data backup capabilities, allowing you to safeguard your financial information. Regularly backing up your data ensures that you have a reliable copy in case of any unforeseen events.




AutoCount Basic Edition is an ideal accounting solution for small businesses that require essential accounting functionality without the complexity and cost of advanced features. Its intuitive interface, core accounting features, inventory management, and customer/supplier management capabilities make it a reliable choice for startups and micro-businesses. With AutoCount Basic Edition, you can streamline your financial processes, maintain accurate records, and make informed business decisions.