This module is used to set a bonus points system, record points earned and redeemed by customers.

First, go to Tools > Then, go to Program Control >Next, click on Module Setting

Last, check the checkbox of Bonus Point to enable it.

Member Maintenance

This is used to maintain the info of the member.



Member Type Maintenance

Now, select a member type (for report filtering purposes). Next, the ‘Default’ type is being generated by the system automatically. You may modify or add new types.


Race Maintenance

The 3 default races are generated automatically. Furthermore, you may modify or add new races.


Bonus Point Calculation Options

(Refer to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Bonus Point)





Determine Bonus Point Calculation Method

First, go to Tools > Next, click on Options > Then, go to Invoicing > Bonus Point.

Now, select the Bonus Point Calculation Option: Calculate Bonus Point Based on Item’s Quantity.


If based on Item Quantity, you need to set a number of points that will be earned (by quantity) at Stock >Then, click Stock Item Maintenance, Sales Entitlement.

If based on Item’s Total or Invoice Total, you may set a number of points that will be earned (by sales value) and whether or not round up to the nearest dollar.


I have chosen to calculate bonus points based on the item’s quantity, so the next step is to go to Stock Item Maintenance.


The invoice with Bonus Point

Now, go to Sales > Next, go to Invoice

Then, create a new invoice, and select a debtor with a bonus point account.

Then, click on ‘+’ to add items,


Bonus Point Calculation base on Item Total – Example



Note: Individual item’s total value will be based to calculate the bonus point, which means only those items that were checked with ‘Calculate Bonus Point’ at Stock Item Maintenance will be included. (In this case, only Apple iPhone is ticked with Calculate Bonus Point)

Bonus Point Calculation base on Invoice Total – Example



Bonus Point Adjustment

This function is used to adjust (+/-) the point for the member.


Bonus Point Redemption

First, go to Sales > Then, go to Bonus Point Redemption

Next, click on Create a new Bonus Point Redemption,

After that, Select Bonus Point Account Number,

Now, select debtor,

Click on ‘+’ to add the item to be redeemed,

Last, observe the indication of Total Available Point, Redemption Point, and Point After Redemption.


View Report

First, go to Bonus Point >Then, click on Bonus Point Transaction Listing Report

Next, define the filtering option, and then click on Inquiry to view the listing report.


For bonus point calculation, please refer to Tools > then, go to Options >Next, Invoicing > Bonus Point.

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