Business Owner / Manager


As business owner or manager, you always want to know information such as company sales, collections status, cash flow, stock level, etc. These information helps you to make decision and action on urgent matters so that you will not miss any opportunity.


With AOTG, you are able to retrieve company information anywhere anytime while your staffs continue to use the accounting & billing software they used to — AutoCount. You are able to view unpaid and pass due date invoices, daily sales and collection, stock level, etc all on your EXISTING mobile devices.

AOTG Dashboard Mobile View

AutoCount software

The objective of the AOTG dashboard mobile view is to give user overview of important business information such as sales, collections and payments.

1. You may view summary by predefined date range

AutoCount software

2.  You may further drill down item that you interested until you see the documents aggregated.

AutoCount software

3. You may group data by using predefined grouping.

AutoCount software
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