Can Edit Post To GL or Stock

For sales/purchase documents, other than options of the default setting Always Post To GL/Stock, now added with new options and access rights control of Can Edit Post To GL/Stock. This is used to define if the user(s) are allowed to modify the default setting of the related sales/purchase documents.

For example, Sales Invoice…

Since there are 2 ways to control the accessibility, you may make a choice:

First, go to Tools > Then go to System Option Policy,

Here, you may specify either to control by:

  • Use setting in Options (default), which means to adopt the settings in Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Control 2. This is to control the accessibility of all users.


  • Use setting in User Access Rights, which means to adopt the settings in General Maintenance > User Maintenance > Access Rights. This is used to control the accessibility of individual users.

For the first option,

First, go to Tools > Second, Options > Third, Invoicing > Last ,Document Control 2

By default, both checkboxes are checked:

For the second option,

First, go to General Maintenance >Next, Access Rights Maintenance

For example, look into Invoicing first>After that, Sales > Lastly, Invoice

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