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Who Are We ?

Founded in 2015 to empower Perak-based businesses to unlock their full potential, SL Software Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (SL) helps our clients streamline and optimise their day-to-day business operations so resources can be redirected to enhancing products and services as well as increasing market share. Furthermore, we are a dealer for AutoCount, an award-winning, Microsoft gold-certified provider of one-stop business process software.

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Our core values


If a client needs help with a particularly difficult problem, we will work hard to come up with a custom solution for it.

Lifelong Learning

We strive to keep head of new technological developments so we can always provide clients with the best available options.


At every initial consultation, we take the time to understand our client’s requirements to develop the best, most effective solution for them.


We are committed to supporting them every step of the way by continually enhancing our solutions to keep up with their evolving needs.


We view ourselves as part of a team with our clients. A WhatsApp group composed of SL programmers and client’s employees is created to provide real-time technical support during office hours.


We refurbished and donated 20 computers to schools across Perak. We also set up an IT education fund in cooperation with the Taiping Rotary Club to fund future CSR activities.


Instead of moving on to the next sale right after completing a project, we continue supporting the client with user training, maintenance and repairs, and implementing backup plans for emergencies.

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