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AutoCount Mobile, formerly known as Pocket AutoCount, is designed to help users access their business data while away from office. Supported by Windows technology, AutoCount Mobile is a windows-based GUI application which is similar to desktop PC software. With just a few taps on AutoCount Mobile, you can access to needed information to make informed decision.

AutoCount On The Go , the Best Mobile Solution">AutoCount On The Go Autocount On The Go is the online version of AutoCount Accounting. You can access AutoCount Accounting information anywhere, anytime, without any boundaries. Hybrid Cloud Accounting – With AutoCount On The Go, you can now have complete access your company information anytime anywhere on any devices. Go Mobile – Easy access with …

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Challenges It is normal practice for accountant to backup client’s database and restore it at their pc for verifying and report generating. However when new data is being input into client db, the accountant copy of data will be out of sync. Some client does not invest in accounting software and fully rely on accountant …

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Mobile User

Challenges As a sales person, you would like to capture orders as soon as you secure an order from customers instead of traveling back to office to key in the order for futher processing. You wish to have stock level and pricing information on hand when you negotiating with your customers so that you won’t over …

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Business Owner / Manager

Challenges As business owner or manager, you always want to know information such as company sales, collections status, cash flow, stock level, etc. These information helps you to make decision and action on urgent matters so that you will not miss any opportunity. Solution With AOTG, you are able to retrieve company information anywhere anytime …

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