Common Function in Report Screen

Lets take Sales Analysis By Document Report as example: (go to Sales > Sales Analysis By Document Report)


Basic Filter

No Filter: no filter means select all.

Filter By Range: set a range of ‘From’ and ‘To’


Filter By Multi-Select: to select from the whole list, by checking the respective check boxes.


Report Options

Depending on the type of report, this section provides options related to the report layout.

Other Options

You may set the grouping of the reports to 2 levels. For example, firstly group by Debtor code and then group by Item code.


More Options

More options allows more filter options, document options and other options.



Click on Inquiry to list the result of filters and selected options. If you modify the filtration criteria or options selection, click on Inquiry again.


Depending on the situation, some reports may have a few more report titles to choose,


Report Menu

Click on Report menu for more report options.


Design Report

Click on Reports > Design ……. Report, it will lead to the access of report designer screen.


Report Option

Click on Reports > Report Option, it will lead to more options of report printing.


Switch to Advanced Options

Click on Reports > Switch to Advanced Options, it will include the elements of More Options

You may switch back to Basic Options (click on Reports > Switch to Basic Options)

Preview Report

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