CRM is a software that helps you to organize and track every interaction with your customers, thereby assisting you in improving your customer service.

AutoCount can integrate with centra CRM via AutoCount On The Go (AOTG). This powerful tool is especially beneficial for small businesses, as it helps employees improve their productivity, which in turn, helps you to achieve your business goals, and generate maximum return on your investments.

Best Automated CRM Software for Business Growth

#1 All-in-one, Cloud or On-Premise CRM Solution

Sales force automation tools to track, monitor and manage pipeline. Close more customers efficiently.

  • Allocate Leads to Simplify Lead Management

  • 360-degree Customer View

  • Make Calls Using CRM

  • Schedule Appointments and Tasks

  • Easily Manage Sales Pipeline

  • Create Quotation and Sales Order

  • Centralized Document Management

  • Forecast Analysis

  • Receive Real-time Alerts

  • Marketing
    Marketing automation platform for converting leads to sales with campaigns, email and more.

  • Lead Management

  • Create and Manage Deals on Your Fingertips

  • Create Email Campaigns

  • Build Compelling Webforms

  • Leverage Custom-made Templates

  • Create Tasks and Appointments

  • Marketing Reports and Dashboards

  • Service
    Customer service platform for ticket management with SLA's across assets and service classes.

  • Expert Ticket Management

  • Advanced Customer Management

  • Online Calendars

  • Customer Survey

  • Resolve Ticket Issues with Ease

  • Time Tracking

  • Define Service Level Agreement(SLA)

  • Deliver Next-generation Self-service

  • Advanced Reports and Analytics

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