Deposit & Sales Order

Purpose of Deposit & Sales Order Plugin

Deposit and Sales Order Plug-in is an add-on function for AutoCount Accounting user to record the deposit payment from customer at Sales Order. When the stock is delivered, user can key in the quantity in Sales Order and it will trigger the system to generate Invoice or Delivery Order automatically based on the setting.

Features and Functions of Deposit & Sales Order Plugin

1. OR Knock Off base on

  • Selecting Sales Order will only allow the payment to knockoff the invoices that transfer from this Sales Order.

  • Any extra payment amount by selecting sales order, it will be remained unapplied.
  • Selecting Debtor will automatically apply the knockoff into the Sales Order.
  • Any extra payment amount by selecting debtor,it will be used to knockoff other Invoices which is from this Debtor.

2. Minimum Sales Order Payment

  • Key in minimum payment amount need to receive in % if applicable.

3. Sales Order Deposit Document Flow

  • From Sales Order to Invoice directly.
  • From Sales Order to Delivery Order then Invoice.

4. Sales Order Deposit Flow Document’s Location

  • Multi-location.

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