EasyStore Integration

Product Integration

  • Product Mapping
  • Package Code Mapping
  • Multi-UOM Mapping
  • UDF Mapping Support
  • Product Balance Sync
  • Product Pricing Sync

Order Setting

  • Unicart Charge Code Mapping
  • Charge Code Exclusion Setting
  • Shipping Item Code Mapping
  • Posting Document Numbering Option
  • Posting Document Date Option
  • Posting Customer / Name Option
  • Posting Product Description Option

Marketplace Setting

By Channel

  • Customer Code Posting
  • Stock Location Mapping
  • Project No Mapping
  • Posting Invoice Number Format
  • Auto Knock-Off Bill
  • Payment Method Mapping

Product Consistency Checking

  • To list item not available in AutoCount or Unicart
  • Allow to post missing item to Unicart
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