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FAQs about AutoCount Accounting

Watch this YouTube video to know on how to change item code.–Vn1R-JrU

Possible Reason:

The stock item was used in some transactions, and may be referred in some database table. That’s why the item code is not allowed to be deleted.

  1. Install AutoCount Backup.
  2. Right click on the auto-backup icon and select Open AutoCount Scheduled Backup Control Panel.
  3. Click on Add.
  4. System allows bulk addition of database automatically.
  5. After clicking the button, a windows will prompt you to enter the relevant server information in which the bulk addition is to be done.

Possible Reason:

You have not maintained special account of Deposit. That’s why there is nothing to be selected in New A/R Deposit.

Possible Reason: 

You may have not yet installed AutoCount backup server at your AutoCount Server


AutoCount backup server service did not start causing your USB Key not readable.

When AutoCount backup server service is not started, the icon will be in red color.

Possible Reason: 

The license you bought does not have any “Stock Only” user, but now the user log in are “Stock Only” network user type. You may check what network user that you bought at Tools > Program Control > Module Setting.


By using administrative ID that can login into AutoCount, Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance > User & Group > User,


FAQs about AutoCount Payroll

AutoCount do have batch mail function for Debtor Statement Report. You may look for Batch Mail button in Debtor Statement Report.

Possible Reason: 

Stock link is broken. Open Stock, Close Stock and Balance Stock account no. is not link to each other. 


  1. Go to G/L > Account maintenance > Other > Maintain Stock value links.
  2. Click on the + button and choose the Special Stock Account for Open Stock Acc. No., Close Stock Acc. No. and Balance Stock Acc. No. then click on save.
  3. You may key in the closing value for stock now.

Possible Reason: 

The report format design (that involve rich text field) has not been done properly. You have properly just dragged out the field of Note (Rich Text) directly from Field List (1-Main Data – Invoice Master) onto page header, and did not define it as a control of Rich Text. 


(1) Go to the respective Report Designer, remove the Note (Rich Text) field form the page header. And redo it the correct way (as shown in the following steps).

(2) There are 2 ways to define a Control for Rich Text field: 

Method 1: 

  1. First drag out the control of Rich Text from Tool Box onto page header.
  2. Then drag out the field of Note (Rich Text) directly from Field List (1-Main Data – Invoice Master) onto page header, just right on the control of Rich Text.

Method 2: Right click to drag out the field of Note (Rich Text) directly from Field List (1-Main Data – Invoice Master) onto page header, release and then select XRRichText. 

Possible Reason: 

The default setting of “AR & AP Contra Temporary Account” has not been defined.


  1. Go to Tools > Options > G/L > Default Accounts > define your “AR & AP Contra Temporary Account”
  2. Alternatively you may directly define the account by using Set Temporary Account during the entries of ARAP Contra.

Possible Reason:

  1. There is transaction on future date. As balance quantity at stock item maintenance do not have date filter, and it will always be updated immediately. 
  2. Suspected data inconsistency occurred due to abnormal input or sequence in using the system.


  1. Try to do filter date till end of the year at Stock Balance Report and Inquiry, and do compare again.
  2. Go AutoCount Accounting Management Studio > Data consistency > Fix Inconsistent Stock Balance Quantity Problem, click on Fix Inconsistent Stock Balance Quantity Problem, click on OK after fixed.


Yes. You can create new account book from a client pc.


  1. At Create Account Book Wizard, check the checkbox of “Create A new account book in any pc”, click on Get Available Servers.
  2. Select Server and click on OK.
  3. Click on Next to proceed to create new account book.

Possible Reason:

In A/R and A/P Credit Note, AutoCount will post the entry according to Project and Department defined in the document it knocked off.


  1. Go to Tools > Options > G/L > G/L Posting.
  2. Search for ‘Post by the Project and Department in CN’ and enable it. This means the posting will be in accordance with Project or Department defined in CN instead of document it knocked off.
  3. Then, edit and save the A/R and A/P Credit Note. If you have plenty of document need to do so, you can use Repost G/L A/R A/P Transactions function in AutoCount Management Studio.
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FAQs about AutoCount POS

Possible Reason:

1. Sales Account No is not defined.


  1. Tools > Options > G/L Default Account.
  2. Stock > Stock Group Maintenance (to be used in Stock Item Maintenance)
  3. General Maintenance > Posting Account Group Maintenance (to be used in Debtor Maintenance)
  4. During bill transaction.

Possible Reason:

By default, all A/R and A/P entries posted from other sources (usually means Sales or Purchases modules) are not allowed to edit or delete in these modules. You must go back to its original source document to do so.


However there is an option setting to allow this: Tools > Options > A/R & A/P > Aging and Statement.

Possible Reason:

You have restored an account book of later/newer version (both application version and Database version). The account book was probably backup from another machine (i.e. server) that was running on later version of AutoCount Accounting software and later version of AutoCount Accounting database… OR

You are trying to login to an account book attached from a Server, which has upgraded to a later version of AutoCount Accounting software and later version of AutoCount Accounting database.


Find out which AutoCount Accounting version that supports the database version of that account book. Then, upgrade to a later version of AutoCount Accounting software by running the new setup file (AutoCount Acc Setup.exe) …, you will be guided to remove the existing application and install the new one. After the installation, there is no need to detach/attach your account books, new shortcut icon will be created on your Desktop, just double click to login.

Possible Reasons:

(1) The creditor is traded in foreign currency, and Creditor Aging Report is not converted and shown in local currency.

(2) Creditor Aging Report is viewed with the options setting of ‘Use Original Document Date’. This causes the Aging Date field to follow Original Document Date (if there was value assigned to it).

(3) Opening Balance is not maintained correctly. The total amount of past documents does not tally with amount in the Opening Balance

(4) Knock Off date was entered as earlier than its Document Date. Creditor Aging Report is to base on knock off date but the ledger will base on payment date, which is the later date.


  1. In Creditor Aging Report, make sure that ‘Show in Creditor & Local Currency By Document’ and ‘Show Local Currency’ at More Options is checked.
  2. In Creditor Aging Report, uncheck ‘Use Original Document Date’ at More Options.
  3. Compare the amount of Creditor Aging as at before actual data start date with the amount of Creditor at Opening Balance. Make sure the amounts are the same.

  4. First of all, go to Start > All Programs > AutoCount Accounting > AutoCount Accounting Management Studio

  5. Click on Data Consistency > Check Knock Off Date Consistency;

  6. Click on Check Inconsistent Knock Off Date Problem. You can be able to find out those documents whose knock off date is inconsistent here.
  7. Go back to the related account book, retrieve the documents with inconsistent knock off date, then make the necessary correction (Make sure the knock off date same as payment date or later than payment date).


  1. Go to Report > Document Style Report Control. 
  2. There are three options to change.
  3. In this case, you can remove the detail in options No. 3 and No. 5, then click OK.
  4. You can try to preview the Invoice again. The Unit price and Total as 0.00 will disappeared.


To change your company name, you will need to provide the request license file (.RAL file) along with Form 13 and email to License Department to get a new license file.


Step 1: Change Company Name

Go to General Maintenance > Company Profile

Edit your old company name to new name. Then click on OK button.

Step 2: Generate Request License File

Go to Tools > Program Control > License Control

Click on Open Account Book Registration.

Click on Next.

Account Book Registration screen will be prompted. Click on Next.

Proceed by clicking Next until you found No 8. Validity of License Code. Select Permanent Code then click on Next.

Click on C. Save as Request License File and submit manually.
Choose your path to Save and then click on Finish.

Request License file will be saved to your computer. Email to and attach the RAL file along with Form 13.

Step 3: Edit back Company Name to old name

In order to continue to do transaction while waiting the new license file, you must edit back your company name to old name to retrieve your old permanent license.

Go to General Maintenance > Company Profile

Edit back to your old company name. Then click on OK.

Step 4: Register License

1) You will receive an email from LCP with your new license file (.ALC file). Download the license file and Save it.

2) You need to change your company name to new name before you can proceed to register new license file. Kindly refer Step 1 for how to change company name.

3) To register new license file, kindly refer Step 2 until you found the following page. Click on Register, select new license file (that you download from email) then click on Finish.

4) Your license is updated to permanent license. 

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