This module allows you to set control on your account so that they can only be viewed by certain user only.

Go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

Check the checkbox of Filter By Account to enable it.

User Maintenance

Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance

Highlight a user and click on Edit User

Click on Filter By Account No.

Click on Maintain Account No.

Check the checkbox(es) of Account No which are not allowed to be viewed/accessed by this User ID.

Click on Save, Save.



With this control, when user login using this User ID, she will not be able to view the account number that is excluded to her. For example: In this case, I had excluded all fixed asset accounts for the User ID Cindy. When I log in to the User ID Cindy, I’m not able to select the fixed asset account that is already excluded to her.


Also, the User ID unable to view the fixed asset account in any report.


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