This module allows FOC quantity in item transaction row (both sales and purchases).

First, go to Tools > Then, click on Program Control >Next, go to Module Setting

After that, check the checkbox of FOC Quantity to enable it.

Sales Invoice with FOC Qty

First, go to Sales > Next, click on Invoice

Then, add a new Invoice, add items and key in free-of-charge quantity into FOC Qty column.


Last, click on Save & Preview.


FOC quantity is displayed on the same row of transacted item.

Alternatively, user may add a new row with zero price (by which this module is not needed).

  • Note: this is a customized layout. By default, the FOC label and quantity is not displayed.
FOC Analysis Report

First, go to Sales > Next, click on FOC Quantity Analysis By Document Report

Here you may view total FOC quantity and sales documents involved.


Item FOC Setting

First, go to Stock > Next, click on Stock Item Maintenance

Now, select an item, and then click on Edit,

At the bottom of the screen, you may maintain For every sale of ? item(s), will be entitled to ? as FOC item(s).

(The FOC item is always in base UOM.)


  • This item FOC setting does not apply on purchase documents.

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