This module allows you to maintain and add in your own formula to existing fields.

First, go to Tools > Next, click on Program Control > Then, click on Module Setting

By default, the checkbox of Formula should be enabled for trial licenses.

Login to Management Studio

To use this feature, you must access to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio.

First, go to Start > Next, click All Programs > Then, click AutoCount Accounting 2.0 > After that, choose AutoCount Accounting Management Studio 2.0

Formula 1(1).png

Add / Maintain Formula

First, go to Tools > Then, go to Formula

After that, highlight to select an entity,

For example, I have selected Invoice Detail

Formula 2.png

Now, click on Edit Formula,

Formula 3.png

1. Select the field that you want to maintain or add formula. For example, UDF_Col1 is selected.

2. Choose the formula trigger point: Column Initiate or Column Changed. Column initiate is triggered when you open the transaction. Column Changed is triggered when any column had changed.

3. Choose between Functions, Operators, or Variables.

• Functions – Contains function that could workaround with the data.

• Operators – Contains mainly math operators for calculation and comparison.

• Variables – Contains all the fields available for the selected entity (For this case, Invoice).

4. Form your formula by choosing from the available functions, operators, or variables. For example, UDF_Col2 + UDF_Col3.

5. Area to display your formed formula.

6. Check your formula before saving.


You can now go back to your AutoCount Accounting 2.0 and test run your formula. The result and effect are all depended on what formula that you had formed. Taking the example above, the result will be displayed as:

Formula 4.png

Note: Formula can be exported from one account book and import to another account book. (Tools > Import/Export User Defined Field, Scripting, and Formula).

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