This module allows items to be controlled by batch numbers.

First, go to Tools >Next, go to Program Control > Then, click on Module Setting

Last, check the checkbox of Item Batch No. to enable it.

Set Item With Batch Number

First of all, lets create an item with batch number and maintain its opening balance.

Next, go to Stock > Then, click on Stock Item Maintenance

Now, create a new item; or select an existing item, click on Edit,

Then, check the checkbox of Controlled by Batch No.

After that, click on the tab of Item Batch,

Then, click on ‘+’ sign to add batch(es) number for opening quantity.


Batch No: key in batch number. Batch number after transacted can only be changed at Tools > Change Code> Change Item Batch
Description: key in batch description
Manufactured Date: key in a date this batch of goods being manufactured
Expiry Date: key in expiry date of this batch.
Last Sales Date: this date will be copied from expiry date (you may modify if needed) and it means the last date this batch can be sold. After this date, the batch number will not be displayed for selection.
Bal Qty: balance quantity of this batch.. for opening balance quantity, go to Stock > More Stock Maintenance > Item Opening Balance Maintenance.
Opening Balance Quantity By Batch

First, go to Stock > Then, click on More Stock Maintenance > Next, go to Item Opening Balance Maintenance

Then, define filter options, click on Apply Filter,

Now, click Auto Generate Opening Balance by Filter Criteria,

Next, assign batch number and opening quantity respectively,

At last, click on Save… the Bal Qty of Item Batch tab in Stock Item Maintenance will be updated immediately.


Purchase Item with Batch Number

First, go to Purchase >Then, click on Purchase Invoice

Next, add a new Invoice, select Creditor, and then select the item with batch number,

At Batch No column, click to select (Add Batch No)


After that, key in new batch number, description and manufactured/expiry dates

Then, click on Add,


Lastly, key in the quantity and Save.


Note: To edit batch details after saved, go to Stock > Stock Item Maintenance > Edit Stock Item> Item Batch (date must not be blank, any changes of date will update purchase record). To change batch number, go to Tools > Change Code > Change Item Batch.

Selling Item with Batch Number

First, go to Sales > Then, click on Invoice

After that, add a new Invoice, select Debtor, and then select the item with batch number,

Lastly, at Batch No column, click to select batch number….



First, go to Inquiry > Next, click on Batch Number Transaction Inquiry

Then, select item code and batch number, and then click on Search,

After that, the related batch transaction listing will be displayed, you may double click on any transaction row to view the details…


Now, go to Stock > Then, click on Expiry Item Batch Listing Report

Define filter options and click on Inquiry,


Now, In Stock >click on Stock Card,

As the result, each of the batches will be listed separately…


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