This module is used to maintain the item package and to ease the invoicing process of regular combinations of items.

Item Package is different from Item Assembly (Bill of Material) as Item Package is merely a combination of several items (which is not assembled) and it is not an ‘Item’ by itself. It carries no ‘materials’ but a list of items that will be sold as a package, usually used during seasonal or promotional periods.

First, go to Tools >Next, Program Control >Then, click Module Setting

Lastly, check the checkbox of Item Package to enable it.

Maintain Item Package

First, go to Stock >Then, click Item Package Maintenance

Next, click on Create A New Item Package


Qty Limit: maximum units of this package that can be sold

Opening Quantity: opening quantity of this package unit

Current Year Purchased Qty: total package unit purchased in current fiscal year (auto-calculated)

Current Year Sold Qty: total package unit sold in the current fiscal year (auto-calculated)

Expiry Date: to set the last selling day for this package

User UOM: the UOM for this package; this is not a stock item UOM and it will not appear in Stock Card Report..

Bar Code: to set the barcode of the item package

After that, click on the ‘+’ sign to add items that are included under this package.

Finally, click on Save.

Transaction – Purchase

Item Package is available in all types of Sales/Purchase documents.

First, go to Purchase > Then, Purchase Invoice

After that, click on Create A New Purchase Invoice


Next, assign a Creditor/Supplier

After that, click on the Item Package button


Now, click on Search,

From Search Result, highlight to select a Package Code

At last, click on OK


The quantity of the package  may  be changed by you and its subtotal will be changed accordingly;

For example, I have changed the quantity to 5,

Then, click on the ‘+‘ sign in the Item Code column to expand the package details;

While the package row is expanded,

Item package details such as quantity and price can be  changed, and as the result, the Unit Price and subtotal of the package will be changed accordingly;

Then, you may click on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign from the toolbar, to add or remove items in package details;

Lastly, click on Save & Preview,


Transaction – Sales

Item Package is available in all types of Sales or Purchase documents.

First, go to Sales > Invoice

Then, click on Create A New Invoice

Next, assign a Creditor/Supplier,

After that click on the Item Package button,

And then click on Search,

From Search Result, highlight to select a Package Code

Now, click on OK


Changed the package quantity to 3,

now, click on Save & Preview,


At last, click on OK


View Item Package Maintenance again

First, go to Stock > Then go to Item Package Maintenance


Notice that the Purchased / Sold / Balance Quantity is updated.

First, Highlight a Package Code, and then click on View


Noticed that the current year purchased and sold quantity is updated.

Item Package Transaction Inquiry

First, go to Inquiry > and then Item Package Transaction Inquiry

After that, select Item Package Code,

Then the transaction record will be displayed…


Check Item Package Detail Inquiry

First, go to Inquiry > After that check Item Package Detail Inquiry

Then, select Item Package Code,

Last, click on Inquiry



Item Package with Serial No

When dealing with sales/purchase documents, such as Delivery Order, Invoice, Cash Sale, Goods Received Note, Purchase Invoice, Cash Purchase and etc. , While adding an Item Package, the user may directly specify the package quantity, and if the package has one or more sub-items that uses serial number control, the screen of input/selecting serial numbers will be prompted immediately before return to document transaction screen.

For example Sales Invoice…





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