Join Our Marketing Team in Ipoh Or Taiping, Perak - Exciting Opportunities

Why Choose SL Software Solutions ?

Social Media Management

Social media is important for marketing, and at SL Software Solutions, and you can help us with Facebook. You’ll incharge of make interesting posts, handle ads, and use Facebook tools to reach the right people. Your efforts will help our brand and bring in potential customers.

Diverse Marketing Responsibilities

Your job in marketing will be varied. You’ll be in charge of edit videos and work with our IT support team to make engaging videos. You’ll also take care of our Facebook posts and ads to get more attention online. Plus, you’ll help post job openings and follow up on customer leads, especially those from Facebook. This job will let you learn lots of different marketing skills.

Why Choose SL Software Solutions ?

Creative Video Editing Opportunities

As a marketing team member, you can use your creativity for video editing. Work together with our IT support team to turn basic videos into better ones that show our software and get our audience interested. Your video editing skills will help create our brand’s image and get customers involved.

Job Vacancy Postings

As a member of our marketing team, your job will be to advertise job openings at SL Software Solutions. Your job is to create job listings that make people want to apply, helping us find skilled team members who can help our company grow.

Apply Now: If you’re interested in marketing position in IPOH, Perak, apply to SL Software Solutions today. Join our team and take charge for video editing, managing Facebook posts and ads, posting job openings, and following up with customer leads. We appreciate your marketing skills, and commitment to achieving results. Take the next step in your marketing career and become a member of our team at SL Software Solutions.


Digital Marketing at SL Software Solutions

Online Advertising

Creating and managing online ads on platforms like Google Ads, social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), and other related platforms. This includes improving ad performance and deciding how to use the budget.

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Content Creation

Creating interesting and fitting content for different online channels, like blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more. The content should connect with the people we want to reach and match our company’s message.

Email Marketing

Planning and running email marketing activities to take care of customers, involve current customers, and share updates or things we offer as a company. This also have making interesting emails and managing subscriber lists.


Analytics and Reporting

Watching and studying how well digital marketing is doing using tools like Google Analytics, social media insights, and other tools that matter. Giving regular reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and making choices based on the facts to make the marketing better.

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