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E-invoice preparation for AutoCount Users

Watch the AutoCount E-Invoicing Preparation video in Chinese to gain a deeper understanding of e-invoice preparation.

1. Update E-Invoice Start Date

To update the e-Invoice start date, you must enable the e-Invoice module in your AutoCount software. AutoCount has added an e-Invoice module under Tools → Options → General → Country & Tax. This tab is only available for account books in Malaysia. In the e-Invoice tab, you need to check the “Enable e-Invoice” box to add the start date. Once the module is enabled, other e-Invoice columns will become visible.

2. Update Buyer/TIN information

To update buyer/TIN information, you need to enable the e-Invoice module. Here are a few methods to update the buyer/TIN information: 

a) Method 1 – Manual Update

Go to Tax Entity Maintenance. In the tax entity view, you need to insert the TIN, Business Type, MSIC Code, SST Registration No, Business Activity Description, and other required information. Make sure to save the information. Then, in the Debtor Account, you can insert the Tax Entity/TIN based on the data you entered in Tax Entity Maintenance.

b) Method 2 – Download from AIP server

To download the information from the AIP server, click the “Get TIN From AIP Server” button.

After clicking the “Get TIN From AIP Server” button, you will see a screen like this. This screen will show a list of tax information, but initially, no information will be stored. To get the tax information, you need to click the “Request Company Tax Information” button.

Next, after clicking the “Request Company Tax Information” button, you will see the request link screen. Here, the system will provide a link for the recipient to fill in the information. Simply click the “Copy Requested Link” button and share it with them. Make sure the company name, email address, and customer company name are correct.

This is the screen the customer/supplier will see after opening the link. After opening the link, they need to fill out the form.

When they completely fill out the form, the screen will look like this. All records will be sent to your email as a notification.

Now you can simply search for the company name, and the data will be listed here. By clicking on the company name, you can view the Tax Entity information.

c) Method 3 – Import By Excel

This method allows you to import Excel data into AutoCount software through the Import Tax Entity feature.

3. Update Data Classification Code

To update the data classification code, you can simply edit the classification code field. If you’re unsure of the classification code, you can check it on the MyInvois.

4. Update Unit Measurement Code

Before updating the unit measurement code, it’s helpful to learn about the unit types on the MyInvois. To update the unit measurement, navigate to the ‘e-invoice measurement’ section and make the updates there.

5. Update Currency Code

To update the currency code, go to > Currency Code Maintenance where you can add, edit, and delete currency codes. If you’re unsure about the currency codes, you can find them on the MyInvois website.

How to do quick updates?

For quick updates to the classification code, measurement code, country code, and MSIC code, simply navigate to Options > General > Country & Tax. In the e-invoice tab, you can update them with just one click.


Updating the various components of your e-Invoice system in AutoCount software is a straightforward process once you enable the e-Invoice module. By following the methods outlined above, you can efficiently manage the e-Invoice start date, buyer/TIN information, data classification code, unit measurement code, and currency code. Utilizing features like manual updates, downloads from the AIP server, and Excel imports can streamline your workflow and ensure compliance with Malaysia’s tax regulations. Quick updates are also easily accessible through the general settings, making the overall process user-friendly and efficient.

Note: This e-invoice function is only available for those who implemented e-invoice module in AutoCount and account book under country Malaysia.

If you are unable to enable the e-invoice, please ensure that the e-invoice module is already implemented in your AutoCount Accounting software. If it has not been implemented yet, implement now and enjoy a 20% discount on the implementation of the e-invoice module in your AutoCount Software. This promotion is valid until May 31, 2024. Grab it now!

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