More Solutions

AutoCount software provides additional solutions to various business sectors such as Optical businesses, Lighting Shops and Vehical Workshops. You can improve your business with our excellent solutions.

AutoCount Optical POS solutions provides the backbone & organization for your optical shop.

AutoCount Lighting Shop solution is a simple solution to manage your lighting business from the point of sales terminal to the accounting back office.

AutoCount Vehicle Workshop Solutions is designed to manage and enhance the efficiency of mechanical workshops and spare part centre.

AutoCount On-The-Go and IAutoCount are mobile solutions that are offered by AutoCount Software. It allow you to manage your business by using a mobile device.

AutoCountSoft Stock Take allows the user to calculate stock take using scanner devices and mobile tablets instead of manual stock count. Then, you can post the stock adjustment into AutoCount system.

AccountSoft PriceChecker (APC) is a price checker that allows customer to scan the products for information and price for the respective products.

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