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Effective currency management is vital for businesses dealing with international transactions. AutoCount offers two essential modules, AutoCount Multi-Currency and AutoCount Advanced Multi-Currency, each designed to manage foreign currency transactions. This article compares the functionalities of these modules, focusing on their foreign currency revaluation capabilities and their significance in maintaining accurate financial records.

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Understanding AutoCount Multi-Currency Module:

This module allows transaction in multi-currency. The system will auto-calculate gain/loss in currency exchange and post to Journal and G/L entries accordingly.

AutoCount’s Multi-Currency module primarily focuses on foreign currency revaluation realized upon payment. This means that revaluation occurs only when payments, whether accounts receivable or accounts payable, are made. The module calculates the difference between the currency rate on the invoice and the payment, reflecting this difference in the revaluation process.

Exploring AutoCount Advanced Multi-Currency Module:

The Advanced Multi-Currency module takes currency management a step further. It introduces the concept of unrealized foreign currency revaluation, performed at the end of each month or fiscal year. This revaluation encompasses outstanding invoices and purchase invoices, using the currency rate on that specific day for accurate reporting. This module provides a more precise reflection of the financial state of the business.

Additionally, the Advanced Multi-Currency module extends its capabilities to foreign bank accounts. Currency rate changes impact foreign bank accounts, resulting in depreciation or appreciation. This module ensures that these fluctuations are accurately recorded, contributing to a comprehensive financial overview.

Comparing Unrealized Gain/Loss Module:

AutoCount also offers an AutoCount Unrealized Gain/Loss module, which is an alternative to the Advanced Multi-Currency module. This module calculates unrealized gains or losses arising from currency rate changes. However, it is important to note that the Advanced Multi-Currency module provides a more comprehensive solution by valuing outstanding invoices, purchase invoices, and foreign bank accounts.

Making the Right Choice:

  • Opt for the AutoCount Advanced Multi-Currency Module:
    • when seeking a more accurate financial reflection, with unrealized foreign currency revaluation and management of foreign bank account fluctuations.

Foreign Currency Revaluation

This is to revaluate all outstanding transaction in foreign currency, and to find out if there is any unrealized gain/loss according to current exchange rate. Each revaluation will auto generate journal entries should there is unrealized gain/loss. The last revaluation rate will be recognised and compared with subsequent revaluation or payments.

After Saved;

(1) The revaluation is not allowed to edit. You may only view, print or delete the revaluation.

(2) Journal Entry will be auto-generated should there was unrealized gain/loss.

(3) Not allowed to edit or delete transactions (in foreign currency) prior to the date of revaluation.

(4) The revaluation rate will be recognised as the last currency rate, and will be referred to:

– in subsequent revaluation to compare with the current rate, to derived at another unrealized gain/loss (if any).

– in subsequent payment to compare with the exchange rate, to derived at the Gain/Loss on Foreign Exchange.

Further Information:

To delve deeper into the functionalities of AutoCount’s Multi-Currency and Advanced Multi-Currency modules, visit our official website. If you’re uncertain about the most suitable module for your business, our dedicated support team is ready to assist.



In conclusion, AutoCount equips businesses with the tools to effectively manage foreign currency transactions. Choose between the Multi-Currency and Advanced Multi-Currency modules based on your currency management requirements, and empower your financial reporting accuracy.

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