What is a new enhancement in the cloud payroll app?

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As we near the end of a productive year, we’re excited to share news about 7 fantastic upgrades to our Cloud Payroll mobile app. These enhancements are crafted to make your experience even better—saving you time, streamlining processes, and providing a more user-friendly interface.

Get ready for a more efficient and enjoyable payroll journey!

What’s New?

1. New layout for “Login Screen”.

2. New Layout for “Claim Request”.

3. New Layout for “Leave Display”.

4. Apply Next Year’s Leave in Advance.

5. New Indicator in “Leave Approval”.

6. Enhanced Screen for Request “Overtime and Adjustment”.

7. Enhanced “Claim History”.

Why Update Now?

Seize the opportunity to revolutionize your payroll processes. Stay ahead of the curve with our Cloud Payroll Mobile App’s latest enhancements, ensuring your workforce management is as dynamic as your business.

Ready to experience the future of payroll management? Update your app now and discover the difference!

You can update the app in the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or App Gallery!

If you are not an AutoCount Cloud Payroll user, try out our system for free with lifetime access for up to 3 employees & below!

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