Optical Pos: The stock record is not found in Spectacle or Contact Lens Order screen

Possible Reason:

1.First of all, the search by the Barcode button is enabled on the Sales screen.

Search item1.png

2. Second, the stock group is not properly maintained with the Optical POS stock type / The item code is not properly maintained with stock group.

3. Then, searching the wrong item code in a particular category. E.g.: Searching Frame item in RX Lens category

Search item2.png


1.First, disable the Search by Barcode button in the Sales screen (Refer screenshot 1.2). If the Search by Barcode button is enabled, Optical POS will only search for Barcode field of the items.

Search item3.png

2.Second, maintain AutoCount stock group’s Optical POS stock type under User Defined Field (Refer screenshot 2.1) / Assign stock group into every item code after having done previous steps.

Search item4.png

Search item5.png

3.Then, select the correct item in the appropriate category

Search item6.png

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