Referral Program

Get Paid By Refferring Customers to Us.


Referral program of SL Software is open to all client (individual or company) desiring to promote the products and services of SL Software. Promote SL Software to colleagues, and become eligible to receive the following benefits:
• Commission on the first software product order generated (with no maximum) from each of your leads. Future re-orders, upgrades, renewals, maintenance and hardware are not included.
• SL Software will handle all sales and support as well as customer service, administrative tasks and tracking of sales.
• Payouts will occur each Thursday (after the 30-Day Guarantee has been satisfied and the purchase has been paid in full)


  • You (or your employer) must be a SL Software client. Click here if you are not a client.
  • Referrals have to be submitted on or after 1st Dec 2015 (program start date) are eligible for referral compensation.
  • Every referral requires the online Prospect Form to be completed by you.
  • You may not refer your own organization.
  • A referral cannot be an existing SL Software client organization or an organization that is currently involved in the sale process with SL Software.
  • If more than one referral is made for the same prospect, only the first referral received by SL Software will be rewarded (i.e.: only one referral payment will be granted per purchase).
  • If your organization’s internal policies prohibit you from receiving referral compensation, please let us know, and we can credit the commission to your organization’s next SL Software service, annual maintenance renewal or software purchase. (Individual participants are responsible for compliance with their employer’s rules and policies related to this program.)
  • All matters relating to the Client Referral Program will be determined in the sole discretion of SL Software. In addition to the rules and matters set forth herein, this Client Referral Program shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions posted online from time to time (Click here), which are subject to modification by SL Software without notice.

**To join SL Software Referral Program,do agree to the Terms and Conditions. Use the link below to register yourself and enter the Referral Portal: Referral Portal Link**

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