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Important Announcement : MSME Digital Grant 2024 is back!

For entrepreneurs and businesses, the grants known as MSME Digital Grant or Geran Digital PMKS Madani (GDPM) are now available for MSMEs to apply, starting from April 2024. Check out the applicant eligibility and utilize the financial support by our Malaysian Government today.

Malaysia Madani

Get 50% or up to RM5,000 MSME grant with AutoCount

*Limited quota only

Applicant Eligibility

Required Document

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Eligible Products

Who qualifies for the 50% MSME Digitalization Grant?

At least RM50,000 of annual turnover

At least 6 Months of operation duration

At least 60% Owned by Malaysian citizens

Must Not Received previous Digitalization Matching Grants

Must be registered with SSM or PBT or SKM SSM - Companies Commission of Malaysia PBT - Local Authorities SKM - Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission

Application Workflow

MSMEs submit Application Online & Eligibility Check (KYC)

MSMEs Make payment to digitalization partners (DPs)

DPs deliver service & submit claims

BSN disburses grant to dp

Frequently Asked Questions

I've previously gotten a Digitalization Matching Grant. Can I still apply?

No, MSMEs or cooperatives are ineligible for the MSME Digital Grant MADANI if they have previously been awarded a Digitalization Matching Grant.

What is the maximum grant amount I am eligible to apply for?

Each eligible MSME or cooperative can get a grant of up to RM 5,000 or 50% of the invoiced amount to implement digitalization.

How long does the application process take?

The application process duration can take up to 3 working days. After you submit your application, it will be reviewed for approval. You will be notified via email about the status of your application.

What's are the documents needed to apply for the grant?

You must provide a completed online application form, a copy of the owner's, director's or partner's NRIC, a business registration licence or SSM business profile, as well as your most recent management accounts or bank statements from the last two months.

Why is the government offering digitalization grants to MSMEs?

The government is providing digitalization grants to MSMEs with a keen eye on the impending e-Invoicing landscape in Malaysia. E-Invoicing is about securing digital approval from LHDN for each business transaction. Without this vital digital endorsement, businesses cannot claim tax deductions on their purchases and expenses. In essence, the government is promoting digital grant initiatives to assist MSMEs in transitioning to digital practices, which are not only necessary for e-Invoicing compliance but also for efficient operations and tax benefits.

What will occur if my application is accepted?

If your application is approved, you will be notified via email. You are then required to pay the remaining invoice amount (after deducting the subsidy) within 14 days. Upon successful payment, your Digitalisation Partner will commence delivering the service.

How do I pay for this?

You will receive an email with a unique payment link. You are required to make the payment via the payment link.

What happens if I don't send the money in before the deadline?

If you fail to make the payment within the specified period, your grant approval will be automatically cancelled and you would have to reapply for the grant.

How will I know how my application status is progressing?

You will be notified via email about the progress of your application status.

Can I submit a request for more than one kind of service through this initiative?

Yes, you can apply for up to three types of digital services under the MSME Digital Grant MADANI.

What is MSME?

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are businesses that fall within specific size and revenue categories. In Malaysia, as of Budget 2023, these categories have been redefined to adapt to the country's economic context.

In the context you provided, SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) are businesses that play a significant role in the Malaysian economy, contributing around 38% or more than RM500 billion to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). These enterprises come in various sizes and operate across different industries, and they are considered the backbone of Malaysia's economic growth and development. The specific criteria for what constitutes a micro, small, or medium-sized enterprise can vary by country and government regulations. These criteria often take into account factors like the number of employees, annual revenue, and other business-related metrics.