Stock take

Stock Take Module

Stock Take Module

Work with AutoCount Pro Edition & Above

Features included

– PC Stock Take

– Stock Adjustment Processing

Instead of manual stock count, user will be able to calculate stock take using scanner devices and mobile tablets. Then post the stock adjustment into AutoCount system. Hence reduce human mistake and make stock take processing more efficient. 

User can choose any barcode scanner, mobile tablets or laptop with the Stock Take Module installed. After recording the stock take, the data will be posted back to AutoCount for stock adjustment entry. 

In addition, location and shelf are make available if necessary. 

We now offering Android device stock take system. Work on any android devices with camera. For #AutoCount users, this APP is designed to simplify your stock counting. It first syncing your stock info into #Android stock take device. By using the camera on device, it scan the barcode and you just input quantity counted accordingly. Finally the results sync back to main server for compilation.

Additional feature: the scanned result can even converted as transactions such as Adjustment, Issue, Transfer, Receive, Good Receive Note, Purchase Return, Delivery Order and Credit Note.

You may try out the APP on your Android device at Google Play store. Keyword: #Accountsoft

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