AutoCount Software


CRM is a software that helps you to organize and track every interaction with your customers, thereby assisting you in improving your customer service. AutoCount can integrate with centra CRM via AutoCount On The Go (AOTG). This powerful tool is especially beneficial for small businesses, as it helps employees improve their productivity, which in turn, …

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Customization (Accounting)

Customization (Accounting) We specialize in customization for business software . We understand each company has their own needs, that’s the reason we customize our software to fulfill your company requirement Our custom software is a suite of comprehensive business software with accounting system. Our commitment is to product quality and excellence while providing a high …

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Accounting Plugin

These are the Accounting Plugins. No. Description Detail 1 Fixed Asset View 2 Sales Commission View 3 BarCode Generator & Quick Print View 4 Deposit & Sales Order View 5 Batch Transfer SO to DO & Invoice View 6 Payment Approval View 7 Giro Payment Plugin View 8 Sales & Purchase Approval Control View 9 …

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