What’s New in AutoCount Ver2.0?

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Check out whats new in AutoCount Accounting Ver 2.0 !!! 

Top 6 Features

EFFORTLESS Productivity

Create as many templates as you need for frequently used documents, and schedule all recurring transactions for future periods. Improve productivity and efficiency in daily routines with a few simple actions.

Enhancement HOTPICKS

Compare to version 1.9, this version 2.0 is loaded with numerous enhancement and enrichment. Here are 5 most sought after features


Sometimes a tiny change, be it a change in habit or the tools, can make a big difference in the result. We looked into your requirements, even the tiniest one, hoping to offer greater working experience of convenience.


This version also emphasizes on better flows of recording, transaction and tracking. Special highlights are the process of consignment, deposit, purchasing, and related documents flow.

The power of FLEXIBILITY

From general software users to advanced users, we offer more options in this software. This includes, among all, the Advanced Keyword Search, Stock Item Inquiry With Details, and Formula Editor.

Make it

You may have some personal preferences when comes to colors, shortcuts and favorite functions. Every time you login, it appears as what you wanted it to be.


Other Features Included:

New Standard Features

  • Interface & Shortcuts
  • Smart Search Lookup
  • Document Flow
  • Document Template
  • Stock Take
  • Purchase Request
  • VPN login (Free Internet User)
  • Recurrence GL

Enhanced Existing Features

  • Access Rights
  • Multi-Pricing
  • Alternative Item Code
  • Consignment
  • Document Transfer
  • Deposit Entry
  • Instant Copy
  • Email Enhancement 

New Advanced Features

  • Advanced Item
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Stock Disassembly
  • Customizable Entry Forms
  • Formula
  • Advance Quotation
  • Whataspp Documents & Location
  • Reorder Advice Generate PO

For more details, Click on the button to download the manual.

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