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AutoCount is an integrated accounting software for business purpose, however its function is not only limited on accounting. AutoCount function are to include accounting, Point of Sales (POS) solution, payroll, inventory managing and invoicing. Other than that, it’s function is more than enough for a small company to perform and maintain daily operation. Moreover, AutoCount application are wide and it is suitable for most type of businesses.

Top 10 Advantages of AutoCount


AutoCount is allow user to customize the system in order to suit user specific requirement Options to allow customization on the system to suit specific user requirements which include report and screen layout customization too. All the transactions record will be presented in grid view and user able to customize it thru AutoCount Software. The columns in grid are able to sort and customize.

No Accounting knowledge required

AutoCount doesn’t require user to possess any kind of advanced accounting knowledge. User just need to possess the knowledge of most basic of accounting rules and method to use this software effectively.

Better business solutions

Now, you can have instant, on-screen access to a list of overdue customers, daily sales activities, print statements for a groups of companies, financial reports with drill-down to source document capabilities, stock card report for a batch of stock items, better handling of multiple unit of measurements, and much more. Furthermore, internet access allows connections from your branches or warehouses to share instant information.

Save time, work efficiently
Each module in AutoCount is integrated seamlessly to simplify processes so that it can work efficiently. Besides, AutoCount has a feature called real-time posting. This feature can minimize human error and workload.

Better security and authority
AutoCount Premium Accounting uses multi-level access control to control user accessibility to the system . Different users will be given different access to use it, thus providing higher level of security and authority control in the multi-user environment.

Easy to use & affordable
With basic accounting knowledge, you can start using AutoCount for your daily business and it provide a extreme user friendly user interface. Besides, most of the features and functions in AutoCount are fully keyboard operable and the most important thing is it is cheap and affordable.

AutoCount provides a feature called system-wide Advanced Search function. It allow user to trace back past transactions for viewing, edit or delete by just entering a keyword in the search field. Moreover, users are able to drill down all the way from the search result into the source document. Comprehensive Account & Stock Item Inquiry allows tracing and monitoring of each account and stock item information instantly and accurately.

Speedy, reliability, and scalability
AutoCount sits on top of Microsoft SQL Server which provides great reliability and high performance. Using ADO.NET, AutoCount provides better performance and scalability than a traditional client-server application.

Share data across business and applications
By using AutoCount, it is easy share data with others. User can export data into Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF, HTML or other format.

Solutions for today and tomorrow
As business grows and requirements change, AutoCount offers and allows you to upgrade from your existing package by just adding the optional modules as your needs change. In other words, you will never have to worry about your investment today and the scalability of the system in the future.

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